• by Mark R. Levin
  • Narrated by Adam Grupper, Mark R. Levin
  • 7 hrs and 46 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

#1 New York Times best-selling author Mark Levin explores the philosophical basis of America's foundations and the crisis that faces government today.


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Great book deserved better audio production

I gather that this audiobook was rushed out the door, which is a shame. I hope someday they can re-record it with Mark Levin doing the intro with the kind of passion and emphasis that he gives his radio audience. He read it very quickly, in a bit of a monotone. Then the other narrator takes over, but it's very hard to catch the difference between the lengthy quoted passages, and Mark's own words. May I suggest a third narrator take over for the quotes? Like Richard Dawkins did in his recent books? Much easier on the ear, and easier to keep straight. Performance aside, this is a stunning book which makes clear the evil philosophies that have led us down the rat hole of statism. I recommend it to anyone who wants to flesh out the theoretical underpinnings of modern conservatism and libertarianism.
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- Gary M. Watson

Man's basic nature : Liberty

In this book, Mark Levins reiterates the goals of our founding fathers when they gathered to write the constitution and form our unique brand of American democracy. By tracing patterns of thought by the greatest thinkers of the western world, Levin clearly explains the flaws of logic and lack of appreciation for man's true human nature that have led to the 'group think' socialistic aspects unduly praised today by popular culture.

This book gives a logical explanation of where conservative ideals originate and how their simple goal for all men to pursue happiness in liberty has become corrupted since World War I. Levin's book describes how a socialist strain of 'do-good'ing that has turned our government into a "Nanny State." The goals of which run counter to individual freedoms, daily liberty and pursuits of prosperity.

The negative spin put on the desire of conservatives to keep government out of our daily lives is a disingenuous, but rampant criticism in today's culture. This book lists point by point historical evidence that the socialist characteristics of government, praised by liberals as humanitarian, have the effect of strangling individual self determination and is therefore detrimental to the American way of life.
Levin's book ignited a new interest in the Constitution in me as he explained the origins of political and economic conservatives' desire to keep Americans free of tyranny. I'm not certain how a liberal-leaning American would accept the premises raised by Levin. But I found his arguments compelling, if not sad. By this account, we have strayed a long way from what our founding fathers envisioned.
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- Virginia

Book Details

  • Release Date: 01-17-2012
  • Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio