After America

  • by Mark Steyn
  • Narrated by Mark Steyn
  • 13 hrs and 7 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Optimistic about America’s future? Don’t be.
In his giant New York Times best seller, America Alone: The End of the World as We Know It, Mark Steyn predicted collapse for the rest of the Western World. Now, he adds, America has caught up with Europe on the great rush to self-destruction.
It’s not just our looming financial collapse; it’s not just a culture that seems on a fast track to perdition, full of hapless, indulgent, childish people who think government has the answer for every problem; it’s not just America’s potential eclipse as a world power because of the drunken sailor policymaking in Washington—no, it’s all this and more that spells one word for America: Armageddon.
What will a world without American leadership look like? It won’t be pretty—not for you and not for your children. America’s decline won’t be gradual, like an aging Europe sipping espresso at a café until extinction (and the odd Greek or Islamist riot). No, America’s decline will be a wrenching affair marked by violence and possibly secession.
With his trademark wit, Steyn delivers the depressing news with raw and unblinking honesty—but also with the touch of vaudeville stand-up and soft shoe that makes him the most entertaining, yet profound, columnist on the planet. And as an immigrant with nowhere else to go, he offers his own prescription for winning America back from the feckless and arrogant liberal establishment that has done its level best to suffocate the world’s last best hope in a miasma of debt, decay, and debility. You will not read a more important—or more alarming, or even funnier—book all year than After America.


What the Critics Say

“Mark Steyn is a modern day Jeremiah with a quiverful of devastating one-liners, nailing what the liberals have done to our country. He presents an alarming—and frighteningly convincing—prophecy of where we’re headed. The choice is stark—we either listen to Steyn and act on his recommendations or face economic and cultural armageddon.” (Mark Levin)
“Mark Steyn has done it again. In his new book, After America, he clearly defines the dangerous signals which show America is embracing the same doomed path as the failed European economies, and how vital it is to implement and avoid policies right now to prevent us from the same fate.” (Sean Hannity)
“Only Mark Steyn can write about the decline of America and leave you laughing.” (Ann Coulter)


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Customer Reviews

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With reference to the review "Short on facts, long on propaganda": This book enumerates thousands of facts, all pointing to some really unpalatable conclusions about the likely fate of the Western world in general, and the USA in particular. I found it compelling listening: Enjoyable and disturbing in equal measure. Enjoyable, because -- in this case, anyway -- truth is funnier than fiction, and far less believable. Disturbing, because my home country (South Africa), will undoubtedly suffer from the fall-out.
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- Peter

I love this guy!


I put Steyn in the same column as Thomas Sowell, Walter E. Williams, and other deeply conservative thinkers and compelling communicators.

Steyn brings a well-traveled, common sense perspective to the subject of America's decline. He is obviously an avid student of history, geography, demography, politics, etc. Yet, he offers a nonacademic sense of our nation's trajectory.

You can choose to pass on this book, yet none of us can pass on the inevitable collapse of the modern welfare state.

Finally, Steyn, himself, narrates this book in his very engaging style. I really like his radio voice, and I love his narrative voice. I only wish he also narrated America Alone.
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- Jonathan

Book Details

  • Release Date: 10-26-2011
  • Publisher: Phoenix Books