The New Yorker (September 24, 2007)

  • by Steve Coll, James Surowiecki, Dana Goodyear, Henry Alford, Anthony Lane, Nancy Franklin, David Denby
  • Narrated by Christine Marshall, Dan Bernard
  • 2 hrs and 1 mins
  • Periodical

Publisher's Summary

There are seven articles in this issue:COMMENT
"General Accounting", by Steve Coll: An assessment of the role of General Petraeus in Iraq.THE FINANCIAL PAGE
"The Piracy Paradox", by James Surowiecki: On fashion copycats.OUR LOCAL CORRESPONDENTS
"The Enthusiast", by Dana Goodyear: Where downtown (fashion) lives forever.ANNALS OF TECHNOLOGY
"Solar Chic", by Henry Alford: The rechargeable jacket.A CRITIC AT LARGE
"Candid Camera", by Anthony Lane: The making of a photographers' favorite.ON TELEVISION
"In the Trenches", by Nancy Franklin: A review of Ken Burns' series The War. THE CURRENT CINEMA
"Soldiers", by David Denby: A review of In the Valley of Elah.