Zero Balance : Eviscerating the Snake

  • by Ms. Ashley Fontainne
  • Narrated by Sara Morsey
  • Series: Eviscerating the Snake
  • 9 hrs and 29 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Nine months ago, Audra Tanner exposed the hidden secrets locked away at the prestigious accounting firm of Winscott & Associates. No one escaped her wrath. And once the smoke had cleared, everyone watched as the diabolical Olin Kemper was led away in handcuffs. Now Audra's meticulous revenge has thrust her into the role of managing partner. But the firm is struggling to survive amidst the turmoil and media attention surrounding the shocking arrest and upcoming murder trial of Olin. And Audra must face the fallout left from her explosive revenge while trying to heal and recover from the trauma of her past. Audra thought she had ended the evil lurking within and that her revenge would set her free. Unfortunately, it's only the beginning. Because evil never dies, it only assumes a new form. Soon everyone at the firm will discover that no one is safe when you are dealing with a psychopath that has zero balance.


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NOTE: Strong language and violence

NOTE: Strong language and violence.

If you are considering a job in an accounting firm, think twice and then again. If you’re still set on an accounting career – buy running shoes because you’ll need them, especially if you’re going to work at the prestigious firm of Winscott & Associates. With more twists and turns than a roller coaster, we find that the associates have darker pasts and futures than Audra Tanner ever suspected! Zero Balance: Book Two of Eviscerating the Snake is nerve wracking!

Audra Tanner stirred up the nest of vipers when she went after Olin Kemper and all the partners seeking revenge for her past rape. Their level of evilness and deceit is amazing! Seems the depth of this viper’s nest is unending. Steve, Audra’s new love, is beset with concern – can he protect this woman he has come to love? Can he figure out who’s who in this nest of snakes? The intrigue is just beginning!

Picking up where Ashely Fontainne left off in book 1, Olin Kemper is preparing to be tried and convicted for his various crimes including murder but not before he does some more plotting and planning. Life moves on and people assume their lives once again. A long forgotten Winscott Partner, Piper, has a few issues of her own so she eagerly joins the fray of deadly adversaries. The all-important question that must be asked is: Who is to be trusted?

Fontainne has woven an excellent thriller and suspense series. Her ability to introduce new characters and have them slide into the plot and the lives of the characters is artistic! While some characters are murdered off, it is done with a flair that Fontainne has mastered. I found myself sitting with tears rolling down my face damning her for daring to murder … but then she skillfully caught me up into something else and all was forgiven (sort of).

Fontainne’s writing style is smooth and methodical. Subtle hints are given but not truly revealed or even guessable until she drops the bombshell in your lap. She is a cunning writer, leaving nothing to chance and leading her reader’s right where she wants them.

Sara Morsey is excellent at narrating this series. She artfully draws the listener in with her voice and guides our emotions and interest with each word she speaks. She is clear and concise.

If I could give this book a 7 star review I would! However, I will give it the highest rating I can – 5 stars and highly recommend this series to anyone who loves suspense, thrillers and intrigue!

RMSW Press did an excellent job of production, there were no glitches or distractions.

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Great second book in thrilling series!

Any additional comments?

Zero Balance is the second book in the Eviscerating the Snake series by Ashley Fontainne. In the first book, Accountable to None, we are introduced to the employees and partners in the prestigious Arizona accounting firm of Winscott & Associates, where the unspeakable happens daily by Olin, the managing partner, and everyone turns a blind eye to his torrid acts. Not anymore. Our heroine, Audra, puts an end to Olin’s tyranny and he is now behind bars.

Zero Balance begins one week prior to Olin's trial. Audra is now managing partner at the firm and dealing with the aftermath of shacking things up with the firm, including dealing with clients who are bailing over the scandal surrounding the firm. The remaining partners at the firm begin to retaliate against her seeking their own vengeance.

Ms. Fontainne does a very good job of summarizing the first book at the beginning of this one. So, it is not necessary to listen to the first one beforehand to understand the story. She also does an excellent job of getting into the mind of Piper, a mentally unstable former partner.

Like in the first book, Sara Morsey’s narration was excellent. She portrayed Piper as a truly demented individual, while at the same time bringing out the calm and stress in Audra. I can’t wait to listen to book three!

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- LilMissMolly "LilMissMolly"

Book Details

  • Release Date: 10-31-2013
  • Publisher: RMSW Press