They're Watching

  • by Gregg Hurwitz
  • Narrated by Scott Brick
  • 14 hrs and 4 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Patrick Davis is a man with troubles. First his Hollywood dreams crumble, then his storybook marriage hits a snag. Finally, DVDs start being delivered to his house – DVDs which show that someone is watching him and his wife, that the two of them are being stalked and recorded by cameras hidden around and within their house. Then the e-mails start, and someone offers to fix everything, to take the mess his life has become and make it all right. Patrick figures it's the offer of a lifetime.
But Patrick couldn’t be more wrong. With every step he is deeper and deeper into the a web of intrigue that threatens everything he still has and values in this world. Before he knows it, he's in and in deep - and the only way out is to outwit and outplay his unseen opponents at their own game.


What the Critics Say

"This is one of those 'can't put it down' novels: a thriller that moves so fast that it leaves you gasping for breath..." (Daily Mail (UK) on They're Watching)
"Hurwitz frequently sets us up to expect one thing but delivers something entirely different. He keeps us constantly on our toes, and—this is especially good—he keeps us guessing right until the very last pages about exactly who has targeted Patrick and why. Highly recommended, especially for fans of Dean Koontz, Linwood Barclay, and Harlan Coben." (Booklist)


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Customer Reviews

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I enjoy (and respect) people's reviews, and appreciate that listeners take the time to share. I read a LOT of your reviews, and I purchase a lot of recommendations (thank you). I'll even go back and follow a book to see how readers experienced it long after I've finished listening. With THEY'RE WATCHING, I have to say, I shared the same experience as the lower-star reviewers (and I don't think a low star review is a mean review!) Over and over in my head while I listened, was this nagging question, "Whaaaat the...?!" on so many levels. This whole ordeal could have been avoided! ...Never have bigger guns been hauled out to hunt a mosquito.

The little mosquito's life is in utter shambles; his wife is cheating, he's been fired, he's out of money, he's losing his dream home, he's a lousy screenwriter, his students don't like him, YET, Omnipotent Global Secret Powers are after this little mosquito. But, like one of Aesop's own mighty little heroes... well, I don't want to ruin it for any future readers.

Suppose I could suspend sanity; enjoy superfluous twists and turns and silly goose chases that go on twice as long as necessary; not question why there are no red flags when people all over the LA socio/economical scale are dropping like flies; believe a little winged mosquito as ballsy as Hurwitz has created here could even buzz off the ground;--the bigger problem with this book is how Hurwitz has no connect with emotion (and you thought I was going to say reality!). He throws in a compulsatory line: I love my wife so much, the poor little boy that will have to grow up without a mother, the abused neighbor aimessly washing dishes over and over, a silent tear rolling down the face of a man patting a dying whale on the about disconnect! How is it even possible for a writer to fail to elicite compassion for beached whales, slowly dying, with bleeding ears? And narrator Scott Brick (whom I usually enjoy very much) seems to take on the burden of making these characters human, and the plot believable, by delivering an overwrought performance that irritated me almost as much as a mosquito buzzing around my head.

The consensus is that people like Hurwitz as an author, I've read that many of his fans prefer his other books to this one, so I'll try it again. But this one was just one long ridiculous rat maze for poor Patrick (the mosquito) and for the listener.

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- Mel "I have 2 followers SO devoted they let me know immediately that everything I write is NOT helpful; sorry u2 think I suck ; ) Suggestions?"

In a league of it's own.

While browsing the Audible site I often came across this book; but for whatever reason, it never jumped out at me as a selection I cared to get. After reading however that this novel was Scott Brick's selection as his favorite book - out of all the novels he's narrated - I grudging downloaded it; Mr. Brick has so many books under his belt that I felt the recommendation was worth noting.

I have always enjoyed thrillers; but this author deserves a category of his own. Mr. Hurwitz has raised the genre to a whole new level, and I couldn't be happier.

Given the enjoyment that can be found in discovering the twists and turns of this excellent story as it unfolds, I would be doing a disservice to reference any of it here in the review. I can only say that I was constantly kept guessing, creating and discarding different theories, until the end.

This is my top pick in the thriller category.
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- Amanda "I rate as follows: 5 Stars = Loved it. 4 Stars = Really liked it. 3 Stars = Liked it. 2 Stars = Didn't like it. 1 Star = Hated it."

Book Details

  • Release Date: 07-06-2010
  • Publisher: Brilliance Audio