The Overton Window

  • by Glenn Beck
  • Narrated by James Daniels
  • 8 hrs and 43 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

A plan to destroy America, a hundred years in the making, is about to be unleashed...can it be stopped?
There is a powerful technique called the Overton Window that can shape our lives, our laws, and our future. It works by manipulating public perception so that ideas previously thought of as radical begin to seem acceptable over time. Move the Window and you change the debate. Change the debate and you change the country.
For Noah Gardner, a 20-something public relations executive, it's safe to say that political theory is the furthest thing from his mind. Smart, single, handsome, and insulated from the world's problems by the wealth and power of his father, Noah is far more concerned about the future of his social life than the future of his country.
But all of that changes when Noah meets Molly Ross, a woman who is consumed by the knowledge that the America we know is about to be lost forever. She and her group of patriots have vowed to remember the past and fight for the future - but Noah, convinced they're just misguided conspiracy-theorists, isn't interested in lending his considerable skills to their cause.
And then the world changes.
An unprecedented attack on U.S. soil shakes the country to the core and puts into motion a frightening plan, decades in the making, to transform America and demonize all those who stand in the way. Amidst the chaos, many don't know the difference between conspiracy theory and conspiracy fact - or, more important, which side to fight for.
But for Noah, the choice is clear: Exposing the plan, and revealing the conspirators behind it, is the only way to save both the woman he loves and the individual freedoms he once took for granted.
After five back-to-back number-one New York Times best sellers, national radio and Fox News television host Glenn Beck has delivered a ripped-from-the-headlines thriller that seamlessly weaves together American history, frightening facts about our present condition, and a heart-stopping plot. The Overton Window will educate, enlighten, and, most important, entertain - with twists and revelations no one will see coming.


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Customer Reviews

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Note to progressives: you will hate this book as it exposes a great deal of the progressive agenda. Note to the rest of the world: you will be amazed & enlightened as Beck reveals how we have all been manipulated by the world's media spin doctors, PR firms, & politicians that 'run' our countries. Once again, EVERYone I know is getting a copy of this book from me. OUTSTANDING read!
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- suzana miller

It was okay...

First let me say that I am a fan of Glenn Beck, so don't assume the not-so-great rating is because of who the author is. I listen to him on the radio daily and was very excited to get this book. I liked the plot idea and it really does give a scary perspective on where the world could potentially be headed. As a regular listener to the radio show, the fact that he incorporated the chicken waffles into this book totally cracked me up. If you don't understand that comment, don't ask. You had to be listening to the show that day.

Now, with that said - my favorite books include things like Atlas Shrugged and numerous Stephen King novels. When it comes to my more mindless entertainment, I tend to be a fan of Laurell Hamilton and Sherilynn Kenyon. Ayn Rand and King really get in depth with the stories. I adore downloading a book that is at least 30 hours and sometimes over 60. I want to know everything there is to know about the characters. That's why I love those authors. And I definitely didn't get that with this book. We had barely even gotten to know who these people were before the book was over. I felt like I had stepped into something moderately deeper than a puddle. On the other hand, my interests in Hamilton and Kenyon revolve largely around the sense of humor. The stories keep you on the edge of your seat with all the action and my co-workers constantly give me odd looks because I bust out laughing for no apparent reason. I expected more of that from Beck and it was just missing. Nothing light in here to alleviate some of the tension. And I never truly got to that "can't put it down" point.

My biggest complaint is that I had been really waiting for the end with all the boring geek stuff about what was true. It wasn't included on this version. It told one specific thing and then suggested that I go look up keywords on the internet. Talk about a letdown.
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- Mindi

Book Details

  • Release Date: 06-15-2010
  • Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio