The Camel Club : The Camel Club

  • by David Baldacci
  • Narrated by Jonathan Davis
  • Series: The Camel Club
  • 16 hrs and 10 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

It exists at the fringes of Washington, D.C., has no power, and consists solely of four eccentric and downtrodden members whom society has forgotten. Their simple goal is to find the "truth" behind their country's actions.One man leads this aging, ragtag crew. He has no known past and has taken the name "Oliver Stone". Day and night, Stone and his friends study wild conspiracy theories, current events, and the machinations of government, hoping to discover some truth that will hold America's leaders accountable to its citizens. Yet never in Stone's wildest nightmares could he imagine the conspiracy the Camel Club is about to uncover.After witnessing a shocking murder, the Club is slammed headfirst into a plot that threatens the very security of the nation, full of stunning twists, high-stakes intrigue, and global gamesmanship rocketing to the Oval Office and beyond. Soon the Club must join forces with veteran Secret Service agent Alex Ford, who becomes an unwilling participant in one of the most chilling spectacles to ever take place on American soil. It's an event that may well be the catalyst for the long-threatened Armageddon between two different worlds, and all that stands in the way of this apocalypse are five unexpected heroes.In The Camel Club, best-selling author David Baldacci paints a frighteningly vivid portrait of a world that could be our own very soon, and the few people who have a chance to stop the chaos.


What the Critics Say

"As fans of this writer know, years of experience have made him an author who promises a good story and then delivers it." (Publishers Weekly)


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Customer Reviews

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Very Disappointed

I have listened to all of Baldacci's books on and usually find them very entertaining, so I was looking forward to Camel Club. This one was a huge disappointment and I do not recommend it.
It reads like he wrote the general plot outline and then contracted it out to a less-capable writer.

The expositions (coming every chapter) on why the Moslem world has a bone to pick with Britain and US are overkill with a capital O. OK, we get it! Plus, it is all stuff everyone has heard before, ad infinitum, and often it does not fit into the scene. It is far beyond character motivation and background.

The female Secret Service agent's constant whining and need to prove herself are an insult to female Secret Service agents. In the middle of stealthily crossing a darkened room that may contain assassins, she stops to complain that the male agent is going first!

The entire conspiracy at the heart of the book is quite confusing - what did the plotter really hope to accomplish? Given that he almost blew up the planet, I'd say it was flawed logic from the beginning. And, eek, it looks like Baldacci plans to bring him back in future books.

The actions of acting President were ludicrous in the extreme. The only person who would write that is one who truly thinks the other political side are evil simpletons without consciences. I found it completely unbelieveable.

The ultimate actions of the intelligence director were also beyond belief - I didn't see the motivation at all.

This all comes down to bad writing, and writing apparently colored by the author's need to expound on his own views of the world at the expense of a good plot and logical motivations for the characters. Baldacci needs to learn from authors who can do it right. I have found books like The Kite Runner very enlightening in understanding the recent history of the Moslem world. It can be done without insulting your audience.
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- Wendy

If I could give it 0 stars I would

I worked for a US Intelligence agency with proper clearances and have read other authors, (Brad Thor, Vince Flynn) who had their information reasonably accurate and extremely credible. This listen was boring, unrealistic and obviously written by someone who had second hand or third hand speculation about how the real system works.
Credibility = 0
The storyline was improbable at best, having Secret Service Agents befriending and sharing info with the homeless living around the White House was inconceivable!
While I anxiously looked forward to reading/listening to this book, it was a huge disappointment. Unfortunately, I took this on a road trip, and even while trapped on the highways of MT for 14 hours, could not bring myself to listen to the whole thing.
The biggest waste of my time in ANY audible book I have ever purchased, rented, borrowed from the library, downloaded from the internet...and lets see, it was TERRIBLE! David Baldacci should resign from his poor attempts in the espionage/political thriller genre!
Characters unbelievable, story line boring, I was waiting for something to happen and after 5 hours, decided it wasn't worth waiting any more. If you are of a liberal political philosophy, you may enjoy this book as it appears that Baldacci wrote it as if he consulted with Nancy Pelosi on how counter-intelligence operations should be conducted.
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- Frank

Book Details

  • Release Date: 10-21-2005
  • Publisher: Hachette Audio