The Body Reader

  • by Anne Frasier
  • Narrated by Emily Sutton-Smith
  • 8 hrs and 31 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

For three years, Detective Jude Fontaine was kept from the outside world. Held in an underground cell, her only contact was with her sadistic captor, and reading his face was her entire existence. Learning his every line, every movement, and every flicker of thought is what kept her alive.
After her experience with isolation and torture, she is left with a fierce desire for justice - and a heightened ability to interpret the body language of both the living and the dead. Despite colleagues' doubts about her mental state, she resumes her role at Homicide. Her new partner, Detective Uriah Ashby, doesn't trust her sanity, and he has a story of his own he'd rather keep hidden. But a killer is on the loose, murdering young women, so the detectives have no choice: they must work together to catch the madman before he strikes again. And no one knows madmen like Jude Fontaine.


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Customer Reviews

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Well, that was weird!

The Body Reader is a very, very dark story. Audible classifies it as a police procedural, and in a way it is. It also has strong elements of a psychological thriller. It is...interesting if not especially enjoyable. The novel certainly kept me interested until the end. Emily Sutton-Smith does a nice job of narrating a difficult story.
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- Wayne "I love espionage, legal, and detective thrillers but listen to most genres. Very frequent reviews. No plot spoilers! Please excuse my typos!"

OMG you must listen to this Mind Blowing

Any additional comments?

5 Mind Blowing Stars

Take a chance on a new author if you haven’t read any of Ms. Frasier work this would be a great one to pick but hold your breath it is going to be a bumpy ride. Ms. Frasier will blow you away with another read you won’t be able to put down. Just when I thought I had a handle on the outcome the author sent me on another spin that let me saying WOW. I was hooked from the first page to the last this was not an easy book to lay down. This is one author that has fast become one of my all time favorites that I can’t wait until another book is published. If this isn’t on your TRB list it should be. If you love mystery, thrills and suspense you do not want to miss reading this. I promise you don’t know what you are missing as the author hooks you from start to finish. I have read and listened to the audio I am really having a hard time picking which I like the best. Both have good points but both are outstanding.

Emily Sutton-Smith does an outstanding job of narration. She pulls you in giving you wonderful character voices with outstanding emotions never leaving you guessing how each characters feels. Her tones are right on the money for each emotion that each characters has. She gives you a very rich and clear audio that you get lost in and do not want to put down. Her character voice for Jude is flat like it should be with all this poor women has gone through is there any wonder she shows very little emotion. Emily hits it right on the money. Her male voices are just a wonderful as her female ones giving you an even tone clear listen you get lost in. There are no background noises or any places where the volume is higher or lower that the other. There are no repeats of words, if a break was taken you cannot tell it. This is the first I have listen to this narrator but it will not be the last. She really brought this audio to life for me.

As the story opens you have a lady who is and has been kept in a basement nude, alone with only one person who feeds her and abuses her over and over again. As you turn the pages to start this story your mind will hold a picture of each scene once you close your eyes your mind will replay it over and over again. You will become Jude and feel her pain, you understand her as she takes on a life of hunted to being the hunter looking for her prey at every turn. She can tell what you are thinking by your body language. There are those that think she is crazy but we know her and me that she is most likely the sanest of all. Three years of living this nightmare over and over again each day and night you would think she would have gone crazy but you are very much wrong. When you have nothing but time on your hands for years you watch, look and read before long you know what people are thinking just by the way they hold their head, turn their body or let out a breath. She pulls her inner strength knowing one day somehow some way she will make it out of this alive and when she does someone is going to die. It is kill or be killed so she sets, waits, listen, waiting for the right time to make her move to set herself free. That day is today when the lights go out she makes her move running for her life she is out she is free but for how long and what waits for her on the other side.

I really loved Jude she is so strong yet so cool taking it all in moving around watching reading everyone’s body knowing who is lying and who is hiding things. The author has an outstanding way of making the words flow easy before your eyes taking you in and making you part of the story. Before you know it you are so hooked you can’t put the book down. This is not a story I would want to start at night you really need to start it early so you can give it the time it deserves. As you are drawn in the author will take over and blow your mind again and again. Just when you think you have the answers the author will change it leaving you with your mouth wide open looking back over what your eyes just took in.

The author switches back and forth from today to the past as you learn all that this remarkable lady has went through to become the lovely lady she is today. There is no doubt you will cheer for Jude as you feel the pain she has and must go through to find the answers to so many questions. The ending will blow you out of the water there are so many twist and turns you won’t see coming. Just as you think you have a handle on it Jude takes you down a different road you never saw coming. This is one author who knows how to get control of her readers leaving them handing on asking for more. I so enjoyed the many twist and turns each character adds so much to the read. Some you will like others you will not but by the time you have read the last page you will have relooked at each one over and over again seeing each from a different light.

From the first page you will find you heart beating faster as you turn to the next it is running over time by the time you have finished and turned the last page your find your heart rate is still beating as fast as it was from the start. Leaving your mind in a state of WOW not being able to forget what you just read you play each scene over again and again in your mind as you regroup and close your eyes for the night hoping you never have to life the nightmare this author has given her characters. If you are looking for your next mystery, thriller, suspense read you can stop looking you have found it. This is one book and one author you do not want to miss. I promise this will be your next favorite read!

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- Cyn "I enjoy reading, listening and reviewing. I enjoy blogging. Doing what I enjoy giving feed back in hopes someone will try a new author."

Book Details

  • Release Date: 06-21-2016
  • Publisher: Brilliance Audio