The Blood of Brothers : Sycamore Moon

  • by Domino Finn
  • Narrated by Jason Jewett
  • Series: Sycamore Moon
  • 12 hrs and 4 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Intense and clever. Like Sons of Anarchy with werewolves." - Phillip Tomasso, best-selling author of the Vaccination Trilogy.
Diego de la Torre is officially an outlaw now, a full-fledged member of The Seventh Sons Motorcycle Club. The werewolf MC runs the wild lands of Sycamore with ease. At least until a dead body shows up and points to them as the culprits.
Detective Maxim Dwyer presses the Seventh Sons hard, but there are other guns in play. California bikers look to expand their drug trade. A mercenary outfit seeks revenge. Top that with an overbearing FBI agent who undermines local police, and both detective and outlaw have their hands full.
Brothers or not, Sycamore's about to get a whole lot bloodier.


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Everything that I wanted more of in book one

It always surprises me when a sequel is double in length to the first book of the series. As I have noticed that it is usually the other way around (sequel syndrome). Maybe Domino Finn simply has more to say this time around, or has become more confident in his genre mashing experiment. Whatever the reason is I am happy with it.

Everything that I wanted more of in The Seventh Sons Finn was able to deliver in The Blood of Brothers. More action, more intensity, more interesting characters. While the first book was focused on introducing us to Finn’s brand of werewolves, book 2 was able to really explore their pack lives and social dynamics.

Starting out strong with a unusual murder investigation, that actually made me think Finn was going to introduce another paranormal creature. Alas he didn’t be he fooled me again! The leads detective Dwyer down the whodunnit road. Uncovering a rivalry between two packs of werewolves. Throw in an FBI investigator (similar to Assistant U.S. Attorney Lincoln James Potter in my mind) to the party and basically you have season 4 of one of the best TV shows, ever. But with werewolves.

This was a great second book in a series that I see sticking around for a while. This did not suffer one bit from sequel syndrome at all. The best part about this series is that there are no expectations because it does not let what you expect to get from a werewolf story interfere in anyway. In fact I could see some wanting more “typical” blood and guts that one would expect from a werewolf war. However, the paranormal aspect is just icing on the cake of a solid modern detective story with plenty of twists, turns and surprises.

This time around I knew what I was going to get with Jason Jewett’s performance and overall was, in my opinion, a more solid showing for his vocal skills. Creating great characterizations, my favorite is still Maxim Dwyer, raspy almost evil sounding. Switching from that to Diego, Mexican accent, with ease.

Even though he is a relative newcomer to audiobooks, I am going to keep an eye out for more from Jewett.

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Skinning, assassins, werewolves, and cops!

Note: While this is Book 2 in the series, it works fine as a stand alone.

Maxim Dwyer, the lead detective assigned to Sycamore, has his hands full. The Seventh Sons, the local motorcycle club, is made up mostly of werewolves. He and they have an understanding, but things are about to happen that will challenge that agreement.

This book was excellent. I really enjoyed Book 1 (The Seventh Sons) but I have to say this book is even better. Perhaps that is because it is much longer and the characters and plot have that much more time to engage with me. Maxim and his friend Diege de la Torre are at the center of this plot. It’s part mystery, part shifter tale, part thriller, and all satisfyingly good. I really had a hard time setting this book aside as sleep was over taking me.

Diego, a former CDC assassin, joined up with the Seventh Sons for the camaraderie and the freedom of the road. While the other members obviously know he is not a werewolf, and is immune to the virus that causes lycanthropy, they don’t know he use to hunt and kill errant wolves for the CDC. He has so far resisted engaging in any illegal activity, such as drug or gun running, but that is beginning to rub some of the MC members the wrong way. Diego is sitting on a fence and sooner or later he’s going to be pushed one way or another. And West Wind, an Apache member of the MC, may be the one to push him.

Kaeda Burnett has recently returned home to her Yavapai family from college. She’s never felt truly welcomed there, except by her grandfather, because she is not fully Yavapai. But she felt obligated to visit before she heads out into the world again with her degree. Her two older half-brothers, the Dokas, play pivotal roles in the plot. The Yavapai have historically had a few mercenary werewolves out for hire. This isn’t a secret to Kaeda, but she has never engaged with any of that business. However, with her brothers in a mess, she may have to.

Meanwhile, the FBI have sent in Marshal Boyd to manage the latest case – a person was found skinned on Yavapai land and there are some concerns it was a hate crime. Boyd and Dwyer butt heads from the beginning. Now toss in Los Pistoles, a MC from California, that wants part of the Seventh Sons territory for gun and drug running, and you have several forces in play. When a member of the Seventh Sons ends up dead, there are several people to point the finger at.

My only quibble with this book is that there are only three female characters and really on Kaeda gets to spend time front and center. The other two are Melody (who we met in Book 1) and the female lawyer for the Seventh Sons. These two ladies have perhaps 10 lines between the two of them. Kaeda on the other hand is an excellent character and is central the plot. She’s book smart and patient with herself. She can quickly assess what she is capable of or not, though she usually figures out a work around. Her grandfather gives her good advice, but it is hard for Kaeda to follow through on. It’s obvious the author knows how to write quality characters or either gender, but I do wish we had more ladies in this book.

Despite that, I just loved this book. The plot was intricate with so many motives in play. I absolutely love the Southwest setting because this author does it right showing the great diversity present in this part of the world. While I guessed one or two things concerning the deaths, chunks of the ending were a surprise and this made the wrap up rewarding. I greatly look forward to the next installment.

I received this book free of charge from the author in exchange for an honest review.

The Narration: Jason Jewett did another fine job. His Spanish accent for Diego de la Torre is spot on. His female voices are believable. All his characters are distinct. I love his somewhat gravelly voice for Maxim.
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- DabOfDarkness

Book Details

  • Release Date: 05-13-2015
  • Publisher: Blood & Treasure