The Altreian Enigma : Rho Agenda Assimilation

  • by Richard Phillips
  • Narrated by MacLeod Andrews
  • Series: Rho Agenda Assimilation
  • 10 hrs and 22 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

When Mark and Heather Smythe saved Earth from the conquest-hungry Kasari Collective, they thought their work was done. But the world's vast new government continued its quest to make extraterrestrial contact. And now, as a new gateway is activated to welcome the Kasari, whom world leaders take to be benefactors, only the Smythes stand a chance of countering their planet's invasion and subjugation by a race of ruthless conquerors.
Years after their failed first mission, the Kasari have returned, bearing irresistible promises while concealing insidious plans to enslave humanity. But not if the Smythes - along with fearless CIA agent turned mercenary Jack Gregory and his partner, Janet Price - can help it. From the world's last stronghold, they take the fight to enemies both earthling and alien - even as their comrades-in-arms join the warrior Koranthians in battling the Kasari on a far-off planet. But the greatest danger lies within Earth itself, where an ancient artifact prepares to summon doom from another world.


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Customer Reviews

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Incredible Performance! MacLeod Andrews is BACK!!

I have enjoyed each book series centering on these characters first introduced in the Rho Agenda. Each book's evoloving plot line and surprising twists keep me heavily invested and interested while at the same time offering answers and satisfying conculsions without big cliffhangers. I am still very eager for the next addition! This was a great addition I highly recommend it to fans. Enjoy!
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- ByEqualMeasure

Resurrected Ripper Rises

First of all, if you haven't read any part of this series, stop right now, you cannot start here. This is a direct continuation of Assimilation Book 1 and indeed all prior seven entries. It's a great series, go back to the beginning and give it a shot. For series readers:

Book 1, The Kasari Nexus, was a bit of letdown. Not bad, but not up to series standards. I listed several reasons why, but it wasn't until halfway through this book that I understood the one overarching reason: not enough Ripper. Coming directly after the Inception trilogy that was all about Jack Gregory, finding him relegated back to minor player was (there is no other word for it) a letdown.

Book 2, all the Ripper you can handle, and more. I don't want to give anything away, but about 40% of this book is about Jack Gregory and Khal Teth/Anchanchu, and it is out of this world, literally and figuratively. You did not see this coming. One might argue that this should have been the sole focus of this book, but Jennifer Smythe's other-worldly adventure, which was the best part of Nexus, is also a knock-out punch, also about 40%.

The remaining Earthbound portion of the tale disappoints, but only slightly. Compared to what is happening with Jack and Jennifer, the challenges facing the rest of the cast do not hold nearly as much interest. But this appears poised to be the main focus of the third and final entry, due this August, though its title, The Meridian Ascent, refers to Jennifer's plot line. It would stand to reason that Jennifer's showdown with the Kasari Collective and Jack's with the Altreians will converge over the battle for supremacy over Earth.

I haven't plowed through a series this lengthy in decades, and I wouldn't be doing it now if it weren't for audio. These are good listens, highly entertaining, easy to get through quickly if you spend a lot of time in a car or walking a dog -- I would not have been able to read them in print over the same span, nor would I have wanted to. But I can listen to these and still spend my reading time on literary works better suited for print -- have my cake and eat it too.
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- Dubi

Book Details

  • Release Date: 12-06-2016
  • Publisher: Brilliance Audio