• by Ernie Lindsey
  • Narrated by Rebecca Roberts
  • 7 hrs and 31 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

In 1587, over 100 colonists, desperate for a better life in the new world, disappear without a trace from a settlement on tiny Roanoke Island, just off the coast of North Carolina.
And now, in the present day, tremendous, undulating wails are being heard in the sky all over the world, with no apparent earthly origin.
To Helen Weils, best-selling author and respected academic, history is a realm of observable facts, each one carefully weighed and inspected. So when she encounters Chip Sledd, a conspiracy theorist who insists there's an unimaginable connection between the disappearance of the colonists in 1587 and the strange noises in the sky, she's quick to dismiss his theories as the irrational ramblings of a lunatic. But when black-suited agents begin pursuing her and Chip, Helen soon realizes that the past is a lot more flexible than she ever thought possible - and seeking the truth sometimes means accepting the strangest theory of them all.
In this riveting time travel techno thriller, USA Today best-selling author Ernie Lindsey takes listeners on a captivating journey throughout history. With a blend of mystery, suspense, psychological drama, and fast-paced action adventure, Skynoise promises, and delivers.


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Customer Reviews

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Interesting Concept, Poor Delivery

First, the good. It's entertaining, in its own way; fast paced, good hooks, draws you into the story. No problem keeping my brain attached to the listening- I didn't wander off mentally. The concepts are great (I'm a time travel fiction fan), but like so many time travel stories things break down when the rubber meets the road. I thought Roberts did a fine job with the narration- nothing spectacular, but certainly not off putting or irritating.

Now, the neutral. Ernie Lindsey clearly borrowed some things from other works- not stolen, but definitely hits you with a sense of deja vu. If you've seen Conspiracy Theory (1997 movie) or really a couple of different pictures, you'll recognize some of the broad character strokes. Same with any number of underground super hacker lairs (the one that jumped to my mind was Kevin Smith in the second to last Die Hard). I kept waiting for Roark to call Chip "Mr. Anderson" (Matrix reference). It's enough to pinpoint where these ideas may have come from, but not so dramatic as to be questionable storytelling or a purely patchwork quilt of other works. I fully understand everything is derivative to a certain extent and it's personal preference when that line has been crossed. It got close for me on this one.

Finally, the negative. Gaping plot inconsistencies surrounding time travel, paradoxes (not the good kind), and failure to comply with the fictional rules set out. I can suspend my belief or logic as long as there is consistency within a book- I have trouble when even the author's rules get thrown in the trash. The ending seemed forced. The relationship between the main characters seemed forced. Childish and transparent- a lot of emotional foot stamping about belief/trust/etc. Also, I almost stopped listening within the first twenty minutes due to some cruel statements about mental illness and the public embarrassment of someone. I pushed through and it mellowed out rapidly, but I could never really like the character for her actions in the beginning.

All in all, it's not a terrible listen, but it wouldn't make the top 50 recommendations I might make for friends. If you've run out of high grade stuff to listen to but aren't quite ready to delve into the true bargain bin level stuff, this is a good median.
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- Charlie

Did you hear something ??

Would you recommend this audiobook to a friend? If so, why?

Most highly. Very entertaining time travel/ historical thriller with a bit of romance thrown in. Clearly well researched and done with panache and style. Entertaining is the best reason to listen.

Who was your favorite character and why?

Our male hero, without a doubt. Courage and guile make his character complete.

What does Rebecca Roberts bring to the story that you wouldn’t experience if you just read the book?

She does in many ways. Clearly activates the many characters, and does so with a light dexterious touch.

If you were to make a film of this book, what would the tag line be?

Not much of a movie buff these days, but maybe " Voices from the past"

Any additional comments?

My only major beef with this offering is the wimpy aspects of the female lead character. Whiny and not the sharpest knife in the drawer at time, which was mildly annoying. That said, this is a fine offering, and I highly recommend it.

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- Matthew

Book Details

  • Release Date: 04-01-2015
  • Publisher: Ernie Lindsey