Roaring Blood : Demon-Hearted

  • by Ambrose Ibsen
  • Narrated by James Foster
  • Series: Demon-Hearted
  • 8 hrs and 59 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

I'm Lucian Colt, and this story is mainly about me punching zombies in the face. Loads of 'em.
You'd think that life would be easy-breezy for a handsome, demonic badass like me, but you'd be wrong. The demon doesn't help me with rent, doesn't help me pick up chicks or anything fun like that. Instead, he's all about violence. Lots of it. So, when this super-powered necromancer shows up in town and starts emptying the city's graveyards, my buddy Gadreel thinks it's go time. Before the Veiled Order knows it, a war is about to break out between the living and the dead. Pretty scary, eh?
Oh, and get this! Turns out that this Demon-Heart gig isn't all it's cracked up to be. The guys who stuck this infernal organ in me left out the fact that, someday, when I die, I'll be heading straight to Hell. Ain't that a bitch?
Join me as I kick some major ass, have an existential crisis, get shot down by cute girls, generally mess everything up for my friends and, just maybe, come out of the deal having learned how valuable my teammates are. It's going to be a wild and filthy ride!
Trigger Warning: This book has a lot of guns in it, and sometimes, their triggers get pulled, resulting in devastating headshots. If you're not into that sort of thing, or if you've got issues with dirty words, dirty thoughts or talking spiders, then slowly back away from this book and retreat to your safe space. Wouldn't want you to get your feelings hurt.


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Team Luci

Great book!! I love this series. I love Lucien. Yes he is a whiner and butt head but he learns how to work with others. This book has it all. It is funny and full of action. This is just as good as the book 1 if not better. James Foster really brings the story to life. Cant till the next book. I received this book free for an honest review. However, it is worth a credit or the price of the book.. I do recommend. As i stated in my review of the last book. This book reminds me of the Dresden books. If you love them you'll love this series.
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almost non stop action

Ambrose Ibsen has brought back his unique character, Lucian Colt, who literally had a heart transplant from a named Demon. This procedure didn’t vanquish the demon as he now lives within and a part of Lucy. Bringing with him very handy abilities that allow Lucy to be a contributing member of the Veiled Order. Such as, well, basically making him invincible with a split personality, the other being a mastermind of violent aggression.

In this edition a fearsome Warlock is set loose on mankind. Not just any Warlock, a Necromancer. Yes, that means there will be a lot of zombies “running” around. I found the magically induced zombies to be a tab different that the “run-of-the-mill” zombies that most people have become accustomed to. However, it would have been amazing if Ibsen could have come up with a completely new spin on everyone’s favorite undead.

In this second book Ibsen was able to expand the character of Lucian Colt, nicknamed Lucy (love that), and that of the demon within him. Let’s get one thing straight here. I am not a huge fan of Lucy’s character. He whines a lot, not a very overall good person. I believe that this was by design because remember he didn’t ask for the new heart to save his life. And simply replacing that organ is not going to change his personality. I do think that it will change, slightly, over time. Character evolution is kind of a key thing to be able to pull off.

Roaring Blood was almost non stop action. Fight scene after fight scene with a few serious conversations thrown in for good measure. I enjoyed the heck out of it. Ibsen didn’t have much to explain as most of that was taken care of in the first book Raw Power. So now he was able to focus on action, gore, character progression and interaction.

James Foster is one of my go-to narrators and has been ever since I discovered him reading Adrian’s Undead Diary. There is just something in his voice that is memorable. Yet, nothing that you can put your finger on. He has a way of bringing characters to life in a real sense, meaning that they sound believable. Adding in subtle and not so subtle things to further the listening experience. Example, actually sounding like the character is talking while yawning. Not just “he said amidst a yawn” or something. Fosters ability continues to grow every time that I hear him.

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Book Details

  • Release Date: 09-21-2016
  • Publisher: Perennial Press