Obsidian Son : Temple Chronicles

  • by Shayne Silvers
  • Narrated by Marcio Catalano
  • Series: Temple Chronicles
  • 9 hrs and 59 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

It's been said that monsters cry when a good man goes to war. But they should run screaming like little school girls when that man is secretly a wizard, and maybe not necessarily good.
Nate Temple's all-consuming quest to avenge his parents is temporarily put on hold when shape-shifting dragons invade St. Louis. And perhaps cow-tipping the Minotaur for answers might not have been Nate's smartest opening move, because now every flavor of supernatural thug from our childhood nightmares is gunning for him. Nate learns that the only way to save his city from these creatures is to murder his best friend.
Nate's choice will throw the world and his own conscience into cataclysmic chaos: avenge his parents or become a murderer to save his city. Because to do either, he's going to have to show the world that magic is very, very real, and that monsters are very, very hungry.
If you like Jim Butcher, Kevin Hearne, or Patrick Rothfuss, you will love the first installment of The Nate Temple Supernatural Thriller series.


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Customer Reviews

Most Helpful

Fantastic Story, Okay Narrator

What a fantastic, action packed story! Very much like The Dresden Files. A fun world filled with wizards, werewolves and dragons.

I really enjoyed listening to this story. It was fast paced and had multiple storylines that weave in and out of each other well. It leaves the ending to allow for a, hopefully, long series of books, but closes up the story itself nicely without a massive cliffhanger. Which, personally, I prefer.

There is romance, but the story is not overwhelmed by it and it adds to the all over world building instead of just hanging out on the side.

My only suggestion would be that the author reign in his love of cleavage. If I have to read about this girl or that having a nice rack one more time I'm going to scream.

The narrator is okay. Not great, but not so bad I couldn't listen to him. He speaks much too fast and you have to slow him down a click on the audio player. He also has a horrible habit of pausing in the middle of a sentence. I get that there's probably a comma there but holy cow!

"He watched her run." "From the corner ." instead of "He watched her run from the corner."

It just doesn't flow well and can pull you out of a perfectly good moment. Otherwise, though, his use of voices was good and I could tell who was speaking all the time. Why Nate's Norse werewolf BFF sounds like a surfer dude from California I don't know but ...okay, I can live with it.

Looking forward to the next in the series.
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- J. Randolph

Promising Start to Series New to Audio!

This is not my normal genre, but seriously a girl only take so much romance. While considering this audio, I went ahead, and checked out the reviews on Amazon, and at the time, there were 546, and roughly 69% of these were five stars, but what really sold me was the publisher's reference to Jim Butcher, Kevin Hearne and Patrick Rothfuss. Love all three authors; however, after listening to this story, it reminded me a lot of the Jonathan Shade series....but only better.

Obsidian Son starts out strong, and really grabs the listener! I loved the beginning, it was hilarious, and all throughout the story, there's lots of scenes with humor, action, suspense, and OMG there is even a little romance (Ok, not the kind I'm used, but still it was there.)

It never fails to amaze me how two people can listen to the exact same thing, and hear something totally different, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I thought Marcio's performance was spot-on. I loved how he narrated the dialogue, and portrayed the all characters, especially the Minotaur. I've listened to several audios narrated by Marcio's (that's how I came across this story), and I normally have to speed up his narration to 1.25.

The Down and Dirty: Was this an intense, non-stop, action packed story from start to finish? No! * Was it entertaining, fun and had a good balance of action, humor, and suspense, with burst of intense moments? Yes! * Is it worth a credit? Well you know me, I'm greedy with my credits! If you can this on a KU/Whispersync deal, I recommend that! * Would I listen to future stories? Absolutely! And hope they will be released in audio soon!
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- Cheri

Book Details

  • Release Date: 01-25-2017
  • Publisher: Argento Publishing