Last Words : Mark Novak

  • by Michael Koryta
  • Narrated by Robert Petkoff
  • Series: Mark Novak
  • 14 hrs and 44 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Markus Novak just wants to come home. An investigator for a Florida-based death-row defense firm, Novak's life derailed when his wife, Lauren, was killed in the midst of a case the two were working together. Two years later her murderer is still at large, and Novak's attempts to learn the truth about her death through less-than-legal means and jailhouse bargaining have put his job on the line. Now he's been all but banished, sent to Garrison, Indiana, to assess a cold case that he's certain his boss has no intention of taking.
As Novak knows all too well, some crimes never do get solved. But it's not often that the man who many believe got away with murder is the one calling for the case to be reopened. Ten years ago, a teenaged girl disappeared inside an elaborate cave system beneath rural farmland. Days later Ridley Barnes emerged carrying Sarah Martin's lifeless body. Barnes has claimed all along that he has no memory of exactly where - or how - he found Sarah. His memory of whether she was dead or alive at the time is equally foggy. Tired of living under a cloud of suspicion, he says he wants answers - even if they mean he'll end up in the electric chair.
But what's he really up to? And Novak knows why he's so unhappy to be in Garrison - but why are the locals so hostile toward him? The answers lie in the fiendish brain of a dangerous man, the real identity of a mysterious woman, and, deep beneath them all, in the network of ancient, stony passages that hold secrets deadlier than he can imagine. Soon Novak is made painfully aware that if he has any chance of returning to the life and career he left behind in Florida, he'll need to find the truth in Garrison first.


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Customer Reviews

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Another winner from Michael Koryta who is likely the most talented young writer in the US. Last Words is book 1 of the Markus Novak series and I look forward to Echos which will be released next year.

Last Words is a wonderful crime/psychological thriller. It may be the best of the genre published so far his year. It still does not top Those who Wish me Dead, Koryta's 2014 release. Robert Petkoff does his usual excellent narration job.

For those who have not read any of Michael Koryta's 11 books, I recommend 8 of them without reservation. My reservation are the three books in his Supernatural series (The Ridge, The Cypress House, and So Cold the River). If you like books with a supernatural character, all three of those books are excellent with The Cypress House being the best.

Tonight I Said Goodbye, the first book in the Lincoln Perry series, was published in 2004 when Koryta was 21 years old. It is definitely the best book to start your Koryta listening. Alternately, Those Who Wish Me Dead which was published in 2014 and is not part of a series is Koryta's best novel and would be a good novel to listen to first.
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- Wayne "I love espionage, legal, and detective thrillers but listen to most genres. Very frequent reviews. No plot spoilers! Please excuse my typos!"


I was really hoping for better after the Prophet by Michael Koryta.

With only a few chapters to go after surviving through 90% of the book - I can tell you that I just don't care to finish.... I wouldn't care how great the ending is - Nothing is worth listening to the droning on and on throughout this book. A tough guy making jokes while a shot gun is held to his head? Come on man. Was Bruce Willis staring in this book with the title "Die Hard -Who Cares Anymore" This whole story was uninteresting. I only held out for the narration & the credit cost. The self dialog in some books is so over done and boring. Chapters going by listening to what some guy is thinking about. Lost in a cave and talking to himself for hours and hours while I'm growing more uninterested. By 80% of finishing this book - I was hitting the 30 second forward button on my phone and these characters were still talking to themselves 2 and 3 minutes in.

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- John "List of favorite books: Woodcutter - Reginald Hill, Consent to Kill, First Deadly Sin - Lawrence Sanders, Sniper Elite - Scott McEwen"

Book Details

  • Release Date: 08-18-2015
  • Publisher: Hachette Audio