Kill Process

  • by William Hertling
  • Narrated by Jane Cramer
  • 12 hrs and 44 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

By day, Angie, a 20-year veteran of the tech industry, is a data analyst at Tomo, the world's largest social networking company; by night, she exploits her database access to profile domestic abusers and kill the worst of them. She can't change her own traumatic past, but she can save other women.
When Tomo introduces a deceptive new product that preys on users' fears to drive up its own revenue, Angie sees Tomo for what it really is - another evil abuser. Using her coding and hacking expertise, she decides to destroy Tomo by building a new social network that is completely distributed, compartmentalized, and unstoppable. If she succeeds, it will be the end of all centralized power in the Internet.
But how can an anti-social, one-armed programmer with too many dark secrets succeed when the world's largest tech company is out to crush her and a no-name government black ops agency sets a psychopath to look into her growing digital footprint?


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I really enjoyed this book. I could have loved it for the tech, which it is chock full of. I could have liked the education we got on how men abuse and how they premediate their abuse. I could have really gotten in to the black ops and the government conspiracy. I might have liked learning what it is like to live one handed. You have to carefully plan eating at restaurants for one. It is very hard to cut steak or even eat a sandwich with one hand. I might have enjoyed the shark tank aspect of starting a business and keeping it going. These were all good reason to love or like the book, but for me it was Angie.

Angie is the main character. At first I did not think I was going to like her, since she had made herself judge, jury and executioner. Using her super abilities as a hacker, she finds abusers from all over the world and finds ways to kill them, such as hacking the computers in their cars. It is scary the harm that can be done through computers in this day and age. One guy had even managed to rape girls through the internet. He would find a way to blackmail them and then force them to pose and do things in front of their computers. Even though Angie was killing scum bags, it still bothered me. That is only the first hour. Later she starts her own business to compete with a facebook type company. She has some weaknesses, such as being an introvert and hating men, after having suffered from an abusive marriage and than their is the one hand thing. She does not use these as excuses. I love how this shows just how hard and how much work it takes to start a business. She must raise money, she must overcome her PTSD and she even has to fight the government. The cards are constantly stacked against her, but every time she gets knocked down she does not cry, she gets back up and fights. I gained a lot of respect for her and she was a character worth my time. NO cookie cut out here.

I strongly recommend this engaging, scary, motivating book.
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- Jim "The Impatient"

Angie Stumps Goliath: 15 Stars!

Okay, I profiled William Hertling and yeah, he does know all about what he writes all about. Which is a whole lot to know about... Stuff like culture, economics, politics, management, IT, AI, communications, domestic abuse, entrepreneurs, paranoia, murder, and deviant plus social psychology. Moreover he knows how to code all of that into a hell of a story.

Jane Cramer speaks IT engineer and maniacally-troubled Angie Benenati's story about battling the amoral might of a Facebook monopoly's.... WAIT... Did I write "Facebook"? Ooops, sorry. Of course Hertling's writing about Toma - the world's largest social networking company. Why did I think "Facebook" there? How stooooopid of me.

With a "Dexter"- like flavoring Angie, (one) armed with a start-up's slingshot, comes onto the virtual battlefield to stump the Toma-Goliath. And Jane Cramer interprets the ensemble cast as powerfully as any Audible reader I've heard. Why is this the first time I've listened to Cramer? She kicks it!

This book needs to be assigned to every Management 101 student along with classes in entrepreneurship. It digs at the strengths and fragilities of competitive markets, and it raises pesky questions about the monopoly might of the big three; Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter. In a competitive market, the customer defines the business... the opposite happens when monopolies control. To what end?

That is the primal question that Hertling makes Angie (and us) confront. "Kill Process" asks that question with so much energy - that I've already purchased "Avogadro Corp: the Singularity is Closer Than It Appears" the first in Hertling's "Singularity" series.

I hope it's not better than "Kill Process". How can I give away more then 15 stars?

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- Ted

Book Details

  • Release Date: 06-28-2016
  • Publisher: William Hertling