Jack and Kill : The Hunt for Jack Reacher

  • by Diane Capri
  • Narrated by Kelley Hazen
  • Series: The Hunt for Jack Reacher
  • 1 hrs and 17 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

#1 Amazon Bestseller Diane Capri returns!
Suspenseful thrillers with more justice, less system. For fans of Lee Child, Jack Reacher, John Grisham and Michael Connelly!


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Can't just review this one, has to be whole series:

Where to begin:

Well it had to do with Jack Reacher so I had to get it - right?!

Well this came out as an Ebook in 2012. I don't have a kindle but got in that format on my iphone, ever try to read a book on a 4s?! I got to about chapter 25 and realized I needed to re-read The Killing Floor. So I re-read TKF but never started the ebook again.

Then audible got 4 of the 5 in this Hunt For Jack Reacher Series so of course I got all 4 at once. the list is a bit confusing so go to Capris site for the order. Its book, short story, short story, book.

Unless you have a perfect memory you will have to re-read all the Reacher books to follow this series-stop right there-finish my review then consider. (well thats what I thought initially-at least re-read TKF)

I of course remembered TKF-Margrave, Joe, Roscoe, Blind Blake-but the details no.

So now lets start with The Hunt for our friend Jack: 2 FBI agents are tasked with finding Reacher. They are given a vague reason: needing him for a special project. As is typical in many books and tv/film these FBI agents, especially Gaspar, are narrow minded-one track mind kind of agents. They see Reachers stats: 6'5" & 250, off the grid since 1997 etc. and think the worst. They must be after him because he's a bad guy , a fugitive.

I had to step back for a moment and pretend I didn't know Reacher-what would I think. I used to be an investigator so i felt i could do that, but yet with that vague description and knowing he ran a special investigative unit in the military police I still wouldn't have assumed the worst. But Gaspar, well you get the idea that I don't like him at all. Kim Otto is a tad, and only a tad more receptive to an alternative.

Any way back to The Killing Floor, you probably should re-read it. So Otto & Gaspar start in Margrave where you expect them to start when looking for Reacher. The story is OK, it feeds you answers slowly, frustratingly. I mean come on Roscoe just cough up the info. Interesting supposition is brought up - one that many of us Reacher fans have probably thought of throughout the Reacher series (sorry no spoilers here :) Anyway 8 hours later and you are into #2 which is a short story ( exactly 1 hour long) Jack In The Box. Here is where if you are like me, a die hard Reacher fan, the disappointment sets in. Susan Duffy (from #7 Persuader) comes in at the end.

You would think-assume from the series name that the search will take you from the Killing Floor to Die Trying Chicago to Montana) to Trip Wire (Key West to New York)......you get the picture. But you would be wrong. Jack in the Box is mainly about back ground on Otto it seems. Some file searching and meeting and that's it. Susan Duffy makes another brief appearance. Then it's on to Jack and Kill and to Virginia. A drone has captured Reacher-must have been looking for him. The kidnapper nanny's car has cameras in it (really). The surveillance equipment info seems a bit far-fetched but .... So we have skipped 15-16 years of what I expected to be following Reacher through his adventures, to Reacher being Reacher rescuing a woman. Needless to say I am disappointed.

So it's on to Get Back Jack, #4 and a book (8+ hours this time). And at least we are getting into some old friends NAMES ONLY for now- Neagley, Dixon, and ever so briefly mentions his buddies from Bad Luck and Trouble (Sanchez, Franz, Orozco, Swan).

There is a #5 jack in the Green, which as of 8-12-14 is not on Audible. But it ventures to Florida and starts to combine with Capri's other series Hunt for Justice. Since the new Reacher book isnt due until September and sounds like Reacher goes to France and not Tampa. So where is Capri's Hunt for Jack Reacher going? Wouldn't the 2 authors wind up having Reacher in the same place, not venturing off in two different directions? Maybe I am missing something (feel free to straighten me out - PLEASE) After all Reacher is Lee Child's character. Well anyway..... I will continue to read but its not what I was hoping for.

Oh and narrator, well her interpretation of Gaspar's voice is terrible, I mean terrible. She shouldn't tried to do a male voice.
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- Diana


Would you listen to Jack and Kill again? Why?

Yes. First of all it's so dense and so much happens you almost have to listen twice. But it's just a great story and exciting.

What was one of the most memorable moments of Jack and Kill?

As Otto and Gaspar watch the silent playback of the Smartphone video that reveals Reacher. It's cool because you know the result of the incident as soon as they arrive. But you don't find out exactly what happened until this moment.

What does Storyteller Productions and Kelley Hazen bring to the story that you wouldn’t experience if you just read the book?

This series has a feel to it, an energy, a style that is very specific and I think the narrator is right on it.

Was there a moment in the book that particularly moved you?

Yes, I don't want to give it away. But there is a shocking and sad moment in the outcome to this chapter of the story. There's a fight. The way Capri writes it and the narrator says it - it really holds your attention. Your frozen hearing the moment in the story unravel. And it's like you want to try to stop it but you know it's inevitable because you already know the outcome. It's really sad. You also learn something really interesting, really redeeming about Jack Reacher.

Any additional comments?

Keep 'em coming! I read there is another novel. I hope it's going to be an audiobook.

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- Tina

Book Details

  • Release Date: 02-03-2014
  • Publisher: StoneHouse Ink