• by Tess Gerritsen
  • Narrated by William Dufris
  • 10 hrs and 54 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Emma Watson, a brilliant research physician, has been training for years for the mission of a lifetime: to study living beings in space. Jack McCallum, Emma's estranged husband, has shared her dream of space travel, but a medical condition has grounded and embittered him. He must watch from the sidelines as his wife prepares for her first mission to the international Space Station.
Once aboard the space station, however, things start to go terribly wrong. A culture of single-celled organisms known as Archaeons, gathered from the deep sea, are to be monitored in the microgravity of space. The true and lethal nature of this experiment has not been revealed to NASA. In space, the cells rapidly multiply and soon begin to infect the crew - with agonizing and deadly results.
A recovery attempt ends in catastrophe: the NASA shuttle crashes, killing all onboard, and the space station is left dangerously crippled. Emma struggles to contain the deadly microbe, while back home, Jack and NASA work against the clock to retrieve Emma from space.
But there will be no rescue. The contagion now threatens Earth's population as well, and the astronauts are left stranded in orbit, quarantined aboard the station - where they are dying one by one....
Written with an exacting eye, Dr. Tess Gerritsen ensnares the imagination with Gravity, her most steely, unforgettable thriller yet.


What the Critics Say

"She is better than Plamer, better than Cook... yes, even better than Crichton." (Stephen King)


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Customer Reviews

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Gravity Sinks

I purchased this title with few expectations. It struck me as a “candy novel”; something that can be fun, but contains little nutritional content. That’s all I was looking for when I selected this novel, since I was looking only for a “filler” while I determined what I really wanted to read next.

For that reason, I was pleasantly surprised as the story began to unfold; the author was able to weave together an oppressive, eerie, claustrophobic atmosphere that pulls the reader in completely. The narrator, William Dufris, took this mood to the next level; elevating the story to a whole new experience that would have been impossible to achieve by just reading the text of the story. It was great.

As the story progressed, it leveled out into a plot that was good, but didn’t fulfill the full promise the start of the book hinted at. I still enjoyed the vast majority of the book, despite the fact that (for me) it began to get too far-fetched by the time we reached the point that some of the story’s mysteries were beginning to be explained. The book is currently listed under “Mysteries & Thrillers”, and would be far better categorized as “Fantasy & Science Fiction”.

The end of the story, however, was executed so poorly that it felt much like the story had been handed off to a different author to complete; an author whose past credits were limited to Lifetime Original Movies. I was extremely disappointed with the quality of the end of the story, and it was bad enough that it did impact my final opinion of the book in full. Even as a fun filler book to enjoy on a summer day off, I don’t feel I can recommend this based on the last few chapters. It’s a shame for a story that started off with such great promise.
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- Amanda "I rate as follows: 5 Stars = Loved it. 4 Stars = Really liked it. 3 Stars = Liked it. 2 Stars = Didn't like it. 1 Star = Hated it."

Fast Paced Thriller

Gravity the book is NOT to be confused with Gravity the movie---as they are not related in any way. As Tess Gerritsen says, "if the movie is based on my book, nobody told me about it." The stories are similar in only one way --both about a female medical doctor on a space station.

Tess Gerritsen is well-known for her medical thrillers, and this one is no exception. It kept me interested from the first heart pounding opening scene (I literally was holding my breath) which starts out far from space--on the ocean floor. A scientist is studying extremophiles, which are organisms that live in extreme conditions, and the ocean floor in this particular area qualifies--180 degree temperature near the funnels that come up from volcanic activity below. Claustrophobics --be warned!

The space station crew are all doing research of one kind or another on different effects of anti-gravity on organisms, which cannot be done on earth. One of the experiments goes terribly wrong, and the resulting illness which starts as blood red eyes and gets worse from there, starts infecting the crew. Dr. Emma Stone does what she can with her limited supplies, but is not able to pin point the cause of the illness until too late to contain it. I can only say that it would be better to die immediately, than to go through what the virus does to the body.

Overall this story is well written and gives the listener a lot to think about. It is a mix of science fiction and scientific biology -with a theory about what could possibly really happen. There are some "human interest" areas - yet not enough depth to care much about most of the people--but that isn't what this book is about.

I would have given 5 stars, but knocked one off for some of the narration. When the narrator was reading particularly tense or scary parts, he turned into a speed reader- I guess to convey the "gravity" (ha) of the situation. Also, not the best with women's voices. However, the overall narration was good, and I would not let it keep you from listening to this interesting thriller.
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- Jacqueline "."

Book Details

  • Release Date: 03-14-2012
  • Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio