• by Greig Beck
  • Narrated by Sean Mangan
  • 15 hrs and 5 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

In Fathomless, the greatest predator the world has ever known is coming home in 2016.
Carcharodon megalodon. The largest and most fearsome predator to have ever existed on our planet. Rumours of its existence in our modern oceans have persisted for centuries. Now, in a new adventure, the rumours explode into brutal and terrifying reality in Fathomless, by Greig Beck.
Baranof Island, Gulf of Alaska, 1952. Jim Granger is searching for a place of legend. Known as Bad Water by the island's elders, it's reputed to be home to many dangerous creatures. Through a seam in a cliff face, Jim finds what he seeks. He also finds, too late, that the water demon he was warned about is horrifyingly real.
Today Cate Granger is following in her grandfather's footsteps. Along with a team of scientists and crew, she accidentally releases a creature from Earth's primordial past into today's oceans. The giant megalodon shark follows its instinct and a genetic memory of a home that existed millions of years ago along the Californian coast.
Nothing is safe on or below the water as the monster stakes its claim on the world's oceans. Now Cate and her team must do battle with a creature that has no rival, knows no fear, and regards humans as nothing more than prey.


What the Critics Say

"Mr Beck is a master at building up suspense." (Good Reading)


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Customer Reviews

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Good story, weak narration

I like this story, but I certainly don't love it. The writing and pace are very good but at times the interactions between characters seems forced, particularly with the dialogue. It doesn't happen too often, but enough to be noticeable. Also, a pet peeve of mine is seeing the same vocabulary repeated too often, and "Stygian" was used 5-7 times. Too redundant.

Sean Mangan's voice is pleasant enough, but he horribly butchers certain pronunciations. What's more, he mispronounces "megalodon," and the word is used somewhere near 100 times. Absolutely brutal to listen to! He reads it as meg-ah-LO-don, as opposed to MEG-a-la-don or the more common MEG-la-don. Even then, he sometimes changes it to meg-AL-o-don. A more common word, abyss, is
read as A-biss as opposed to uh-BISS. There were others too. Please look these things up, Sean. Also, his reading of sarcasm is bland, and sometimes down right chipper, and there are several other points where the dialogue was not intoned properly.

If I come across another book narrated by Mangan I will hesitate to buy it, though I think he deserves another shot. If I don't hear an improvement then he will go on the DO NOT LISTEN TO list, and I
Will certainly not be trying him out on another Beck novel. I would like to try another of his books with a different voice.
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- Daniel Delgado

Who taught this guy how to prounounce...

Would you consider the audio edition of Fathomless to be better than the print version?

Ok I don't know who taught this guy how to pronounce Charcaridon Megaladon, but that person has even managed to annoy my 5 year old (She walked through the room and is a shark week fanatic and corrected the narrator on her way to the bathroom. Then again on her way back through.)!

Honestly it is a good story and would have been a great read, but this promounciation issue came close to killings the book for me. It really is THAT BAD. I mean seriously has this person never heard of this shark before? Ok. But it's in the book easily over 50 times. You would have thought someone would correct it!

Great story had me laughing, and groaning in a few places because "you just new" what was coming next. But also several nice plot twists. I will listen to it again most likely, but gah the narration makes me cringe every single time they say Megaladon. So I recommend it with that caution since it was like nails on a chalkboard to me long before the book was over.

Did the plot keep you on the edge of your seat? How?


What did you like about the performance? What did you dislike?

Megaladon! Learn how to freaking pronounce it! Gah!!!

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- BigDogMom

Book Details

  • Release Date: 09-27-2016
  • Publisher: Bolinda Publishing