Empire Rising : Trident Deception

  • by Rick Campbell
  • Narrated by Fred Berman
  • Series: Trident Deception
  • 13 hrs and 31 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Xiang Li Cheng, the President of the People's Republic of China, has both a problem and a plan. The problem is that the limited supply of oil available to China is threatening to derail his country's economic growth and prosperity. But to secure access to those resources, he must contend with powerful U.S. Navy and the Pacific Fleet. After a decades-long largely secret military buildup, Cheng sets his plan in motion by suddenly invading Taiwan and drawing the Pacific Fleet in to its defense. With a faster, larger fleet with more capable long range missiles, China is able to surprise and quickly overwhelm the American fast attack fleet, all but wiping out the U.S. forces on deployment. Then China turns to its real objective - invasion and expansion across Asia, starting with the four main Islands of Japan.
While the Atlantic Fleet surges westward to defend its allies and respond to the destruction of their counterparts, it falls to an unlikely alliance of three people to stop this incursion and prevent World War III. National Security Advisor Christine O'Connor has critical information, but she's trapped in Beijing; Captain Murray Wilson, C.O. of the submarine USS Georgia must somehow infiltrate the Chinese submarine blockade; and Navy SEAL Jake Harrison must lead a strike team into the most hostile of territories with only hours to implement the most daring plan ever.


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Customer Reviews

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A fun thriller but spoiled by technical errors

Would you try another book from Rick Campbell and/or Fred Berman?

I might if he does better research on the technical details especially when he relies on them to get out of bad situations. I read his earlier book which was far better written than this one.

What could Rick Campbell have done to make this a more enjoyable book for you?

Not use rediculous and far fetched solutions to resolve bad situations. For example, sucessfully landing an entire airwing on a carrier that has a 40 foot hole in the flight deck that takes out all the Cross Deck Pendants (wires that the an aircraft tail hook catches on landing) and shortens the useable landing distance. Then asserting that every aircraft could stop using only their brakes before running out of landing space. Plus all pilots being blinded by the dense smoke of the Carrier on fire, and relying on automatic landing system alone. Not withstanding landing an entire airwing in less than 20 minutes. No modern jet combat aircraft could land and come to a full stop using only its brakes even if a full length flight deck were available. Landing an entire Airwing worth of aircraft in 20 minutes could not happen during a normal operation as each aircraft also has to clear the deack for the next aircraft that is already on final approach. Each aircraft further has to be moved to a parking spot to allow recovery of all aircraft. His scenario of this is ludicrously laughable, pattently rediculous and detracts from what could be a great book. This is only one of several glaring techical details that ruined my full enjoyment of the story.

Did Fred Berman do a good job differentiating all the characters? How?

Yes I liked his portrayal of the main chracters but as some one else remarked the yelling of various watch standers reporting to operational commanders got to be too much.

Could you see Empire Rising being made into a movie or a TV series? Who should the stars be?

Never its too stupid on some of its technical details and the heronine too much of a Super Woman to be accepted as genuine. Maybe a. Graphic novel character but not otherwise

Any additional comments?

As a retired Navy officer I found the premise of China out manuevering America on the cyber level is a definite and realistic possibility maybe even a probability. The U.S. Thinks itself as superior in the cyber world and Thinks of China as inferior. It simply is not so. Most of our fighting machines are highly dependant on software programming. We have aquired superior aircraft that are incapable of doing the job they were designed for because the software is not ready and in some cases are years away from being ready. We are cutting corners and reducing and eliminating funding across the board injudiciously - impeading the availability and functionality of weapons systems we are already committed to and form an integral part of our readiness and defense. This novel at least does a good job of highliting that we may losing future conflicts on the basis of software performance and/or vulnerability of being sabotaged. If you doubt this is a real threat you only have to look at all the recent major companies that have been hacked, some of whom were defense contractors. Some of this hacking has been traced to China. Who do you think writes the vast majority of the programs for our weapons systems? What is the likely hood of coders being bribed or coerced into sabotage? Civliian Defense Contractors are the answer to these questions. All of this is made clear in this novel, even if it has glaring errors in other ways. For that reason I did enjoy the story.

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- C. McCoy "FSX Pilot"

Too redundant!

The author needs a better editor. It was too long and too redundant. As to the recording, I got very tired of the performer calling out torpedo distances (which is. Another thing that could have been edited out).
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- Murray "Getting older!"

Book Details

  • Release Date: 02-24-2015
  • Publisher: Macmillan Audio