Concealed in Death : In Death

  • by J. D. Robb
  • Narrated by Susan Ericksen
  • Series: In Death
  • 14 hrs and 5 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

The incomparable J. D. Robb presents the latest moving and suspenseful novel in the number-one New York Times best-selling Eve Dallas series.
In a decrepit and long-empty New York building, a man begins the demolition process by swinging a sledgehammer into a wall. When the dust clears, he finds two skeletons wrapped in plastic behind it. The man is Lieutenant Eve Dallas’s billionaire husband, Roarke, and he summons her immediately. His latest real estate project is going to be on hold for a while, because by the time Eve and her crew are finished searching the premises, there are 12 murders to be solved.
After a little digging reveals that the place housed a makeshift shelter for troubled and homeless teenagers back in the mid-2040s, Eve tracks down the people who worked there. Between their recollections and the brilliant work of the force’s new forensic anthropologist, Eve begins to put names and faces to the skeletal remains. They are all girls. A tattooed tough teenager who dealt in illegal drugs. The runaway daughter of a pair of well-to-do doctors. They all had their stories. And they all lost their chance for a better life.
Everyone has something to hide. And when Eve discovers a stunning connection between the victims and someone she knows, she is even more driven to reveal the secrets of the place that was called The Sanctuary - and to find the evil concealed in one human heart.


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Customer Reviews

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Seriously lacking...


First let me start by saying I am a huge "In Death" fan. I have loved almost all of these books and rank Susan Ericksen as one of my top 3 female narrators.
In my opinion the last few books have been lacking everything that is Dallas and Roarke. Eve seems to have lost her edge, the chemistry between her and Roarke is more subdued and it feels like there is a different writing style going on here. I'm not sure if Robb is getting bored with the series or if someone else is writing these books for her but the edge is definitely gone. We get sneak peeks into the other characters but just briefly, we also get insight into Mavis' past and that was cool, but the funny & witty interactions and banter between all my other fav characters is gone in this book. We keep hearing about a Christmas bash which is constantly being brought up but it is never written about. I miss the old books where we got more of the supporting characters and not just Eve and criminal.
I feel it's time for Robb to wrap up the series and get Eve pregnant already if this is the writing style we're going to get from now on.
Onto S. Ericksen, as I said, she is a top fav of mine, however, with this book she seemed to be bored with it as well. The beginning was dragging, it was read so subdued and slowly. It did pick up near the end though. I usually zip through these books at warp speed but I found my mind wandering and couldn't stay focused. The entire book just felt disjointed.
I know every die hard fan will read this book no matter what but it was just meh for me.
Nothing new is going on and I really miss Roarke's family & friends.

For any NEW to the series readers, please do not let this review discourage you from starting the series because you will be missing out on a wonderful treat of about 30 plus books, it's just the last few that have been going downhill.
Remember to start with book 1 - "Naked in Death".

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- Lisa "Paranormal-urban fantasy book lover!"

Don't Read "In Death" LISTEN to it!

Let me first say that I'm obsessed with J. D. Robbs/Susan Ericksen "In Death" series, so I may be somewhat biased in my review. I can say with complete honesty you have not read the "In Death" series until you have listen to it. Ms Ericksen adds a dimension to "In Death" series that must be experienced to fully appreciate. This review has NO SPOILER ALERTS however it will contain teasers...

What I loved about Concealed In Death... In no order of importance...First: the evidence of Eve's evolvement, finally depicting her more comfortable in her skin with a somewhat softer nature, of particular mention the mitten and cap episode. You don't have to worry though, Eve's trademark snarkiness and wit are still intact. Second: The "Zinger" of a back story of a critical character. Third: the lack of the descriptive brutal torture episodes which were evident in the last book "Thankless In Death." I will admit I fast forwarded through a few segments as they were a bit too cringe worthy. Fourth: the introduction of new characters, a "maybe" Lady and daughter for Morse, my personal favorite, the introduction of Sebastian, teased us with his not yet revealed back story and with the addition of Rork's and Eve's decidedly difference in opinion of his character, I feel sure we have not seen the last of Sebastian. I'm looking forward to Sebatian's story as he adds a new and interesting character element to this series. We were also introduced to the not seen before Forensic Anthropology Department and some of it's employees. Fifth: The "In Death" Characters spot on performance by Ms. Ericksen she never misses, her myriad of character depiction from one mind and voice is freaking amazing! Sixth:The Cold Case Storyline...

The crime story plot line does not have the usual frantic rush to solve the crime with the major focus centered on the psycho-bad-guy's graphic tortures and kills. The nature of the horrific cold case, allows the focus to be diverted and centers on the victims/victims loved ones and not so loved ones and their individual histories. I was particularly touched with the resolution of the last victim's story, almost a foot note but telling and heart wrenching all the same.

What I love most about audible "In Death" series is the unbelievable inventive mind of the amazing J. D. Robb's "In Death" character's and the incomparable talented Susan Ericksen's genius in each characters depiction. J. D Robb/Susan Ericksen have developed each character intricately with back stories and personal/emotional/professional evolvement evident in each book from Naked In Death to Concealed...DO NOT READ 'IN DEATH' LISTEN TO IT...That being said...

If you are new to the Audible "In Death" series?... MAJOR ALERT! DO NOT! start anywhere in this series except from book one "Naked In Death" and listen to at least the first three books in the series before you make any judgments as it takes that long to meet most, but not all of the series critical characters...then you'll most likely be hooked and you only have 30+ books to go to catch up. Don't skip, you'll miss so much fun along the way!
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- amazonian "Series: unique chars/plot line multi genre: Fantasy /Mystery/Adventure, Nars lg. repertoire ...diverse defined chars and comic timing"

Book Details

  • Release Date: 02-18-2014
  • Publisher: Brilliance Audio