Clean Kill : Sniper

  • by Jack Coughlin, Donald A. Davis
  • Narrated by Luke Daniels
  • Series: Sniper
  • 10 hrs and 15 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

On the heels of the New York Times best-selling Dead Shot comes the most thrilling installment of the Kyle Swanson series yet, in which an attempt at a new peace in the Middle East is shattered by an unknown attacker, and only Swanson can find out who's responsible.
At a 15th-century castle outside Edinburgh, Scotland, Sir Geoffrey Cornwell is brokering an unprecedented agreement. Prince Abdullah of Saudi Arabia and the Israeli foreign minister are scheduled to sign a historic peace treaty - that is until their meeting is violently interrupted by a missile strike that leaves the foreign minister of Israel dead and Cornwell and the prince injured.
Gunnery Sergeant Kyle Swanson is running covert missions in the mountains of Pakistan when he's called away from duty. He leaves for the UK, where he thwarts another attempt on the prince of Saudi Arabia's life. The attackers are Middle Eastern, but they aren't working for Al Qaeda - they're employed by foreign operatives opposed to the peace agreement and determined to claim Saudi oil reserves for themselves by whatever means necessary.
Meanwhile, out of hiding and back from the dead comes Juba, one of the deadliest terrorists in the world and Kyle Swanson's nemesis, who is determined to exact revenge on the man who nearly took his life.
With scenes of tremendous suspense that span the globe, Clean Kill puts Swanson in the sights of a group whose greed and vengeance know no limits. But their deadly ambitions also bring them into his sights, which is the wrong place to be.


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Customer Reviews

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Marines Don't Wear BDU's

What made the experience of listening to Clean Kill the most enjoyable?

I've enjoyed the Sniper series and for the most part, the former Gunny gets it right. However, I'm a bit of a stickler for Marine Corps traditions, equipment and the proper description of weapon functionality and performance.

It's irritating as hell and a major distraction to come across obvious, but easily corrected mistakes while in the middle of an enjoyable read. I wonder if the Gunny let his co-writer insert them without fact checking himself. Any former Marine would pick up on these blunders, so here goes...

Please, please, please STOP calling magazines "Clips".

A "Clip" is a spring steel holder for ammunition used in such weapons as the M-1 Garand, the '03 Springfield and other "push to load" rifles utilized during WWII and earlier conflicts. A pistol does not utilize a "Clip". A semi-auto pistol uses MAGAZINES which have an internal spring pushing up a follower which in turn feeds the weapon ammunition. Modern rifles use the same technology. It is called a MAGAZINE, damnit, not a CLIP! My drill instructor at Parris Island (KIA Vietnam) would punch me in the gut if I called a magazine a "Clip".

A Marine is described as wearing "BDU's". What? Huh?

The ARMY dresses up in BDU's (Battle Dress Uniforms), not the Marine Corps. We proudly wear "Utilities" or MARPAT (Marine Pattern) which is a digital camouflage uniform unique to the Corps. Don't ever confuse a Marine with an Army soldier. And don't call a Marine a Soldier, either!

During one sequence, an Air Force C-141 Starlifter plane is referenced taking off.

Gunny, the Chair Force retired the 141 several years ago. Marines do not fly in Chair Force planes anyway, that's why we have our own Air Wing.

OK, my criticism is done. I will assiduously nit-pick any Marine related aberrations I come across and try not to pound the wall in frustration when they do. Maybe my PTSD is kicking in a bit much these days, but I do love descriptions of terrorists taking .50 caliber rounds in the face. Keep these books coming. Semper Fi.

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- Jim Hackett

What a Great Series

I love this series. I sure hope Audible works to get all the books in the series into audible format. The characters are very well written, we get a feel for who they are and their personality. Our hero Gunnery Sargent Kyle Swanson is such a great character. Love the focus on the mission, the cool strategic thinking, thinking on many levels and moves ahead like chess - and yet a realistic character. Oh and did I say fun sense of humor? The supporting characters are also nicely done. There is plenty of action, the story is well paced, easy to follow. The narrator does a good job of different voices and accents.
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- Kathryn

Book Details

  • Release Date: 08-18-2015
  • Publisher: Macmillan Audio