Cain's Blood

  • by Geoffrey Girard
  • Narrated by Scott Aiello
  • 11 hrs and 23 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

A terrifying debut novel about the evil in each of us: when clones of infamous serial killers escape from a secret government facility, it’s up to a former Army Ranger to stop them- with the help of a teenage killer clone.
Trying to develop a new breed of bio-weapons, the US Department of Defense has secretly cloned the world’s most notorious murderers, hoping to study their DNA and isolate a genetic predictor for evil. Now in Stage Three, the program contains dozens of young men who have no clue of their evil heritage - including Albert Fish, Ted Bundy, and David Berkowitz. Enacting a twisted game of nature vs. nurture, the scientists raise some of the clones with loving families and others in abusive circumstances. But everything changes when the most dangerous boys are set free by their creator—escaping with three canisters of a mysterious chemical weapon that could destroy an entire city.
A man with demons of his own, former black ops soldier Shawn Castillo is hot on their trail. But Shawn didn’t count on the quiet young boy he finds hiding in an abandoned house - a boy who has just learned he is the clone of Jeffrey Dahmer. As Dahmer and Castillo race across the country as unlikely allies on the trail of the rampaging teens’ increasing violence, Castillo must protect the boy who is the embodiment of his biggest fears - and who may also be his last hope.
More than just a serial killer novel, Cain’s Blood melds completely plausible science with terrifying horror, preying on our darkest fears of manipulation, secrecy, and murder.


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Customer Reviews

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Surprisingly good

I read the premis and thought, could be interesting . Glad I took the chance. My serial killer /PSD allogory was sadly lacking before this. This book is a solid 3.75. There is also a YA book based on the same idea and I think I will get that also. Definitely worth your time cash or credit. Enjoy
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- donna

Perhaps I was the wrong audience

I will assume you've read the publisher's summary (the book is about a mad experiment to clone famous serial killers, etc., etc.).

Apparently, there was a YA book released with this book written from the perspective of one of the clones (who pairs with the main protagonist to try to solve the mystery). Well, I can't imagine how much more YA than THIS version it can be. Except for the incredibly vicious, brutal (and oftentimes gratuitous) depictions of violence, this certainly did not feel like an adult novel.

Or perhaps the plot was simply too ambitious to leave room for much of anything else (such as character development). The sheer amount of space that had to be devoted to explaining who all these serial killers were created many stops-and-starts along the story.

All in all, it seemed to ramble.

If you're looking for a good clone-from-evil story, read the classic, The Boys from Brazil, instead.
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- cristina

Book Details

  • Release Date: 09-03-2013
  • Publisher: Audible Studios