Black Spark : Dark Magic Enforcer

  • by Al K. Line
  • Narrated by Gildart Jackson
  • Series: Dark Magic Enforcer
  • 7 hrs and 24 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

I watched in horror as dark magic sprang from my hand faster than an imp after your socks. I didn't know my name, let alone that I had such power. The man was dead. I panicked. I ran. How was I to know I was a dark magic enforcer, tasked with keeping magic hidden from the world? Yeah, total noob move, I know. But my memory is returning, and the Hidden have given me 24 hours to make amends. Cover it up. Finish the job I was given, or else. Failure isn't an option. Well, it is, but I like me, and I like being alive. The clock is ticking as I battle to make things right and exact revenge on those who took so much from me. Easier said than done as I deal with angry mages, bitey zombies, oversexed imps, creepy necromancers, and grumpy trolls - and those are just my friends - all while trying to stop myself falling in love with my best friend, Kate, who just so happens to be a hot vampire. I'm Faz Pound, a.k.a. Black Spark, Dark Magic Enforcer, and time is running out. At least I have my looks. For now.


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Customer Reviews

Most Helpful

Great new series!

The main character, Spark is an enforcer/detective in the United Kingdom. We meet him when is exhausted, disoriented, deranged and could not remember his name or anything else. Within seconds he has flagrantly broken the golden rule, keep magic hidden from the normals. Immediately his existence is in danger. The penalty for using magic in public is death. Usually, that is his job to do the killing, remember he is the enforcer.

His dialogue is witty, charming, and self-deprecating. I found myself laughing at his remarks. As the story progress, his memory returns in pieces, but the reason why did he broke the law remains elusive to him.

The laws, which Snark broke are:
• You don’t let regulars know existence of magic
• You don’t disobey your house head or ward head -
• You don’t interfere with other species ways unless they break the law of the hidden
• You don’t do it in public
• For heaven sakes don't get recorded on social media

Between the vampires and hi boss Rickers, he has 24 hours to clean up his mess. That means find out who set him up and cover up his mistake. During his 24 hours, we meet mages, zombies, oversexed imps, necromancers, and trolls.

We are taken on an action-packed adventure as Snarks works to save his life. Oh, his problem is compounded when he realizes he did not complete Rickers assignment.
Al K. Line presents the politics of his world and the magic with the quick dialogue and action. The book was a great read. The narration was good, and I am on the second book.
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- Yvonne

2 and a half stars

I'm not sure about this book. The characters, plot and world created is interesting but the story itself seems disjointed and lacks depth. I might get the next book but, maybe not.
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- Beatrice

Book Details

  • Release Date: 02-07-2017
  • Publisher: Tantor Audio