Anubis Nights

  • by Gary Jonas
  • Narrated by Joe Hempel
  • 7 hrs and 28 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

A dead sorcerer in the underworld named Henry Winslow, a contemporary of Aleister Crowley and former member of The Golden Dawn, steals a spell from the Forbidden Texts in order to fulfill the prophecy of the Thrice Born. He divides himself into three aspects and goes back in time to steal the Emerald Tablets of Thoth from the Great Pyramid of Giza. He wants true immortality and to change the course of history.
Jonathan Shade's old friend, Sharon, shows up with the master of time, Chronos, to send Jonathan and his team into the past to find and kill Winslow.
Jonathan and Kelly arrive in Egypt during the reign of King Tutankhamun. As they appear from nothing, they are mistaken for gods, but when Tut is murdered during a chariot race, things get out of control.
At stake is, well, everything. Because if Winslow succeeds, the world as we know it will no longer exist, wiped from the sands of time.


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Customer Reviews

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Can you say time travel

This is number 4 of the Jonathan Shade books. This one does not disappoint. Jonathan and is crew have been recruited to go back in time to save the world . The guys are split up into three different time periods in order to accomplish this feat. Chronos and Sharon, yes Sharon, recruit them. However, all my not be as it seems. The wizard they are after has split himself into three. He after objects that will make him powerful. Chronos says if he accomplishes this, they will cease exist. So Jonathan and Kelly go to ancient Eygpt to kill the wizard before he can get the objects needed. They get to meet and interact with King Tut. But of course things do not go as plan. After speaking to wizard, they see possible betrayal by Sharon and Chronos. Brand and Esther have to go to the 1870, the year the wizard is born and Arana goes to the 1920's the time of the wizards death. After Kelly and Jonathan kill the wizard in ancient times, they are supposed to go to Brands time after they kill that wizard then on to the 1920's to finish the deed. Of course nothing is ever simple. Each one encounters their on problems within the time periods they have been assigned. After Jonathan and Kelly finishes their mission, not the way they thought they would, they go to Brands time period, however something has changed with Brand and Esther, not for the good. What will happen next? That is absolutely the truth. The book ends here and is continued in the next. Boy this book had me on the edge of my seat waiting to see what would happen next. I can't wait till the next book. I recommend series. It is fantastic. I received this book free for an honest review but it would be well worth the credit or payment.

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- Troublemer "Books are the doors to other places. READ!!!!"

A fun trip back to Ancient Egypt

Note: This is Book 4 in the series and I recommend reading the previous books as there are major things that happened in previous stories that affect characters’s decisions in this book.

Private investigator Jonathan Shade starts his day off having a serious argument with a witch and the ghost of her son. Things only get worse when Sharon and Chronos show up at Kelly’s dojo and force Jonathan and his friends into taking care of a little problem for them. Henry Winslow, a powerful magician, is attempting to become immortal. To do so, he split himself into three aspects and placed each one at a different time and place in the past. Now Jonathan and his friends must travel back in time and kill each aspect.

This was a fun addition to this urban fantasy series that I have enjoyed so much. Jonathan has done a smidge of time travel before (a fact that he keeps hidden from his friends) but this time he and Kelly (a magically constructed warrior) are sent back into ancient Egypt to find Winslow and kill him. Meanwhile, Brand (also a magically constructed warrior) and Esther (a ghost who is tied to these old typewriter keys) go back to the 1870s. Reina (who isn’t of this world and has some special abilities) heads to the 1920s.

Let me get my one criticism out of the way. We have three main ladies in this series now: Kelly, Esther, and Reina. For some reason, the author chose to write them all as being in love with Jonathan and that really comes to the forefront in this book. It’s silly and not really necessary for the plot. Plus, there are other interesting men, so why not spread the joy?

OK, back to the good stuff. Most of the book is spent on Jonathan and Kelly in ancient Egypt. I really enjoyed the scenes where everyone was getting ready for their trip and had to dress the part. Reina got a flapper dress plus some practical wear. Brand had some rough yet really durable clothes. Meanwhile, Kelly and Jonathan were given revealing (by today’s standards) clothing that was the norm for King Tut’s time period. Eventually, Kelly and Jonathan rebel and a compromise (sort of) is made. In the end, it didn’t matter much because the two of them materialized in front of people and therefore, folks thought they must be deities.

We get a little bit of time with Brand and Esther in the 1870s. They soon land in some serious trouble with Priscilla and Edward that they weren’t expecting. Brand used to be a very strong warrior, but at the end of the previous book, things changed for him. Now he finds himself in a next to helpless position but I think he’s too stubborn (or dense) to notice. He keeps on thinking, bidding his time, quietly flexing those muscles.

Meanwhile, Reina goes to the 1920s. She doesn’t know much about this time period and she’s never been to New York city. We only get a smidge of her story and she swiftly finds herself in trouble. I was surprised at how quickly she was subdued and also a bit disappointed. Not much is being done with this character that has so much potential.

It’s a swift moving plot with fun characters and I like that Kelly and Jonathan continue to be at the heart of the story. I also like that things between Jonathan and Sharon are unresolved. Her previous betrayal still rankles him (as it should!) and I look forward to seeing how the author deals with that. The ending was great! I loved the last big fight scene and how things in Egypt resolved themselves. This book does leave us on a cliff hanger, so I’m really looking forward to having Book 5 in audio.

I received a copy at no cost from the narrator in exchange for an honest review.

The Narration: Joe Hempel continues to be the perfect Jonathan Shade. Also, he’s the perfect Kelly Chan, with her light Chinese accent. He really pulls it off well. I also liked his ‘dumb jock’ voice for Brand (which suits his humor and character well) and I continue to like his light Southern drawl for Esther. All around, it’s a great performance.
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- DabOfDarkness

Book Details

  • Release Date: 09-05-2016
  • Publisher: Denton & White