• by Martin Medina, Luke Medina
  • Narrated by Kathleen A McLean
  • 7 hrs and 45 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Year 2051 - World War III left America in dystopian economic ruin. Support for the Democrat and Republican parties has dwindled, and the Meritism Party has gained unwavering support from 70 percent of the populace.
Currency has been replaced with Personal Merit. The goods and services citizens are allowed to possess are dependent on their objectively calculated productivity within the society.
Careers that do not contribute to food, shelter, clothing, sanitation, education, health care, technology, art, or sport have been abolished. These abolished professions include investment banking, marketing and advertising, career politicians, and many others that were dependent on capitalism.
Luke Medina, a Merit Agency Investigator, fights to uphold all that Meritism has accomplished.
The Capitalist Party desperately conspires to bring back class divisions and a society of economic inequality based on a fiat currency.
#amerita #meritism
For the working class, Amerita represents a new utopia. For others, Amerita is a dystopian nightmare.
Meritism manifesto:
We, the working women and men of our beautiful and plentiful land, declare in one voice to revoke all credence to economical systems based on subjective monetary representations of individual Merit.
We, the contributors of food, shelter, clothing, sanitation, education, health care, technology, art, and sport declare our vocations as necessary for advancing society. Vocations that do not contribute to the advancing of society are deemed not worthy of recognition.
We, the laborers, believe the productivity of every valid vocation is objectively and accurately measurable.
We, the mentors and parents of future generations, believe in equal education, equal nutrition, equal health care, and equal opportunity for all.
We, the people of the new Meritocracy, declare objective recognition of Merit for all.


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Customer Reviews

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Now I want a prequel and a sequel

This was a fun listen on my commute this week. I enjoyed the story and the concept. I love other people's idea of how they envision the future. It really makes you question whether or not this is a society you would want to live in. It left me wanting to find out what happened before and after this story takes place. Will listen to more from this author.
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- MMMom

Nothing but another dose of SJW crap

What would have made Amerita better?

If the storyline wasn't about shoving social justice -- and incorrect history of the US.The "history" used is not true history, it is the SJW rewrite of history.. I tried to get to the end.. got to an hour left, and that was it.. I couldn't take it anymore.. Based on the description, it looked to me like a book about capitalism being suppressed, a dysfunctional society emerges, then capitalism prevails. The society the book is espousing is not a society that will or can work, yet the author(s) push it like it is, and it's a fair society.. without pointing out any flaws...

What aspect of Kathleen A McLean’s performance would you have changed?

Don't know..

What reaction did this book spark in you? Anger, sadness, disappointment?

Anger. Pure anger. I am tired of social justice crap being shoved down peoples throat in almost everything. "Social Justice" = We are going to complain about everything and we'll never be satisfied. Free speech is only ok as long as you agree with us. = Tyranny!

Any additional comments?

If the description would have made a hint that this book is only for social justice warriors who are easily manipulated and brainwashed, like most of society today, I would NOT have gotten this.

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- RedJaguar

Book Details

  • Release Date: 06-13-2017
  • Publisher: Kathleen A McLean