A Patriot's Act : Brent Marks Legal Thrillers

  • by Kenneth Eade
  • Narrated by Patrick R. Golden
  • Series: Brent Marks Legal Thrillers
  • 5 hrs and 21 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

This fast-paced, action-packed thriller will challenge everything you believe about justice and freedom. It begs the question of what exactly patriotism is - blind allegiance to authority or standing up for what is right as guaranteed in the US Constitution. It's all about delicate balance of power and experience - something gone awry, and something explored through intimate descriptions.
Brent Marks, the lawyer from the number-one best-selling financial thriller Predatory Kill is called upon to seek justice for an innocent client held prisoner in Guantanamo Bay.
When a naturalized American citizen turns up missing in Iraq, Brent Marks fights the Goliath US Government's Patriot Act with its own constitution. Santa Barbara accountant Ahmed Khury responds to the plea of his brother, Sabeen, a suspected money launderer in Iraq. Before Ahmed realizes what has happened to him, he is sent to Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp as a suspected terrorist and is subjected to torture to extract information he doesn't have. The courtroom drama mounts as the drama outside the courtroom explodes, and when murder, corruption, and cover-up enters the picture, nobody, including Brent, is safe. This political thriller novel will challenge everything you think about patriotism, the war on terror, civil liberties, and freedom.


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Customer Reviews

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Author presumes America is another Nazi regime

...you might enjoy this novel.

I love the premise of this novel. An American of middle eastern dissent is mistakenly arrested as a spy while visiting a brother in Iraq. He is sent to Cuba, where his rights are ignored and is subseqently tortured. A legal battle ensues to free him. All of this seems plausible and very well might have occurred.

There is no question abuses by US personnel occurred at Guantanamo. However, the author falls victim to all or nothing thinking as he relates the story.

In the first few chapters of this book, the author clearly assumes everyone hates George W Bush and considers him stupid. Everyone. He is adamant that Guantanamo is exactly like the Nazi prison camps, and assumes it is a foregone conclusion everyone agrees.

I found his writing childish and petty, despite the fact his premise was clever.

The narration was lacking emotion and very dry.
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- Charles Atkinson

Dishonesty for political purposes!

I have noted several times in reviews here that readers/listeners are able to suspend disbelief in order to enjoy fiction. This novel takes that literary license too far by linking the author's notes at the end to the story to the story of the novel. The key claim of the book becomes that at least one US citizen has died at the Guantanamo Bay prison facility. There are also several other major factual errors including the nature of forced feeding and mock executions at the facility (both did occur but not as gruesomely described in this book). The author's notes should have explained that the book over dramatized the situation rather than implying the book details were factual.

I have major issues with the USA Patriot Act as it was passed and as it has been reauthorized several times since. I believe most of the act is unconstitutional.

The fact is that in the 15 years since Guantanamo has been used as a prison in the "War on Terror" exactly one US citizen was held there and it was temporary. His name is Yasser Hamdi. Hamdi was born in the US to Saudi parents and moved to Saudi Arabia as very young child. He did not return to the US until after he was captured in Afghanistan as an adult. He was immediately moved to a North Carolina facility when his citizenship was determined and was later released. He did not die in prison. No US citizen ever died while in custody at Guantanamo and only one was held there briefly. The extensive author's note does nothing to correct that. As a result of that and other gross exaggerations, the story is a lie represented as the truth. I goes far, far beyond literary license. As a result the novel is political garbage.
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- Wayne

Book Details

  • Release Date: 12-11-2015
  • Publisher: Valentina Nesterova Eade