Power French Accelerated/8 One-Hour Audio Lessons/Complete Written Listening Guide/Tapescript

  • by Mark Frobose
  • Narrated by Mark Frobose
  • 8 hrs and 2 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Want to learn to speak authentic French quickly and easily and have fun in the process? Designed to teach you to speak French while on the go, Power French Accelerated is a refreshingly intense, upbeat and positive 8 hour audio language program whose 144 study units establish a challenging pace and friendly tone that are designed to keep you constantly motivated and learning to speak and understand real spoken French at optimal speed.
Expert language teacher Mark Frobose talks you through the program in English while a charming trained native French speaker teaches you authentic French the way it is really spoken in France. This highly acclaimed method is so easy and so fast that you'll be speaking French within minutes of receiving your program and enjoying the process.


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Easy & Effective

Would you listen to Power French Accelerated: 8 One-Hour Audio Lessons (English and French Edition) again? Why?

This seems to have an good combination of repetition and springing forward to learn new words and phrases. I get tired occasionally of the repetition, but I think it serves the purpose of reinforcing the basics. The french speaker is very easy to understand, with a clear, pleasing voice - different from several other audio books I've sampled. The one thing I wish this offered is a course outline showing the words and phrases in writing. I'm more of a visual learner, and not seeing the spelling of the words (even though this is a refresher for me, not completely new) is a bit of a hindrance. But, overall, this was very useful and easy to listen to.

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- Freestone

Amazingly Effective! Breaks All Conventions

Any additional comments?

I just finished Power French I Accelerated for the first time. I am amazed at what I have learned.
I have tried virtually every French language program available on Audible and Amazon, and I have to say that Power French is by far the most effective program I have used by far.
Here’s why:
1. Frobose breaks all the rules and therefore forces you to hear and learn real French. Most other language programs candy-coat their presentations, dumbing them down to make them appear to be effective when they clearly are not. Power French I is as fun as it is challenging, but it really raises the bar and motivates you to learn to speak more French than you ever dreamed possible.
2. Huge amount of vocabulary that is presented in a memory format so you can actually walk away from each lesson speaking more French than before you started it. It’s all super useful vocabulary. Stuff like “Now that I think about it” or “I would like a glass of red wine, not white wine”. And it seems at times that there is no method to the madness UNTIL you realize that you have not been babied, you have been TAUGHT to speak a huge amount of French, and even learned to put it all together in your own sentences.
3. When I say that Mark Frobose breaks the rules, I really mean that he is not a conventional teacher. For example, he doesn’t just teach the present tense in the 1st program. He actually threw in future and past tenses into a first level program. Heresy for traditional French classes and programs. Unheard of.
Brilliant, because I understood it right away since he explained it in a simple fashion in English and then Chloé the native French teacher simply spoke it and I learned it. In a traditional program, the teachers would make a huge deal of this and say that you could never be ready to learn this level of French so early, even though that’s how we learned English, and how the French learned French. It’s all thrown in together. Frobose manages somehow to teach this natural format in a way that really clicks. He organizes all of this mess into an interesting, fun, and yes, challenging format that really makes you want to continue. You’re never bored when you are really learning, and this program keeps you learning until the end.

I am now ready to start the program all over again, and I am sure that I will learn as much or more from it the 2nd time as I did the first, and never ever be bored. So much quality instruction for so little money. It would be wonderful if all language teachers could teach like this, but Frobose is a one of a kind marvel and I thank him for what I have learned from him.

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- Catherine

Book Details

  • Release Date: 09-16-2013
  • Publisher: Language Audiobooks Inc.