Mexican Spanish Accelerated - 8 One Hour Audio Lessons (English and Spanish Edition)

  • by Mark Frobose
  • Narrated by Mark Frobose
  • 8 hrs and 19 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Mexico has more Spanish speakers than any country in the world, and Mexican Spanish is by far the most important form of Spanish spoken today in the United States. At last, you now have the opportunity to learn to speak and understand real Mexican Spanish quickly and easily, and in your spare time.
Language Audiobook's Mexican Spanish Accelerated features an expert English speaking language instructor who is assisted by educated native male and female Mexican speakers who quickly teach you their language the way it is really spoken. Immediately use English to speak Mexican Spanish without guessing at meanings.
Learn from an expert American Instructor with real Mexican Spanish speaking assistants. Learn high frequency words and phrases that are the most common and easy to use. Use your otherwise wasted down time to learn to speak real Spanish in just ten minutes a day. Create your own original sentences in Mexican Spanish in the first ten minutes of instruction! No grammar - Learn Spanish naturally like you learned English as a child!


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Super Price & Learning Speed of Mexican Spanish

I quickly learned to speak a ton of real Mexican Spanish from this unique, fun and effective program. My opinion is that anyone from businesspersons to Spanish language students, from restaurant-goers to travelers considering a trip to Mexico will find “Mexican Spanish Accelerated” to be the essential "icing" on their Spanish learning cake! The fusion of Old World Castilian Spanish from Spain and New World Native languages and cultures of Mexico have given rise to a myriad of unique words and expressions which originated in and are largely confined to Spanish speakers from Mexico.

Mexican Spanish Accelerated contains a lot more than just words and phrases unique to Mexico. Standard, universal sentence-building Spanish phrases like ‘I have to,’ ‘I would like,’ ‘I want,’ ‘I need,’ ‘I am going to,’ and so on, prepare the beginner for fast and original sentence creation and prepare the learner for a great adventure south of the Río Grande – or “El Río Bravo” as they call it in Mexico. A variety of folk expressions are also taught by the narrator and his three or four Mexican instructors who are all educated native speakers of authentic Mexican Spanish.

Both the price of this audio program and the speed at which it teaches you to speak real Mexican Spanish are unbeatable. Spanish language students and vacationers will all benefit from Mexican Spanish Accelerated as much as I did. So click on over to, download Mexican Spanish Accelerated, and discover how things are said down Mexico way. Ándale! - Go for it!

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- Language Dreamer "I only review language programs that are easy, fast, effective, portable, inexpensive & teach you to really speak and understand languages."

Mexican Spanish

Would you say that listening to this book was time well-spent? Why or why not?

I'd say it's time well spent. There are just some pitfalls to look out for. The woman in the audio uses the effeminate central mexico pronunciation of SH at words ending in R. Not always but most of the time. It's kind of confusing especially when she sometimes does it and sometimes doesn't...all with no explanation. I had to find this out by accident. A man that talks like this is going to come across as a stereo-typical gay if he goes around doing that. I could write that that is okay...but it's really not. The author of this should have mentioned this.

What was most disappointing about Mark Frobose’s story?

The woman using SH on words ending in R. Mark should have mentioned this up front.

Who would you have cast as narrator instead of Mark Frobose?

Mark does an okay job.

Was Mexican Spanish Accelerated - 8 One Hour Audio Lessons (English and Spanish Edition) worth the listening time?

I appreciate that there is an audiobook for mexican spanish. It's time well spent; I had to learn outside the material about some mispronunciations so that was funny... I think the woman who is going all in with the effeminate pronunciations is doing the listeners a disservice by not speaking normally or at least warning the male listeners that they are going to sound like pansy's if they imitate her. Also, try not to judge this material by the first chapter of material...I almost did. It gets much better later starting in Chapter 2.

Any additional comments?

Please update the audiobook to address my other comments. Thanks for releasing this. I live in San Diego and am starting to understand the mexican radio stations and people I hear around town. I'm pretty confident I'm going to get better.

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- Online Student "Online Student"

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  • Release Date: 09-23-2013