Vikings: A Concise History of the Vikings

  • by Stephan Weaver
  • Narrated by Mike Norgaard
  • 1 hrs and 21 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook
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Publisher's Summary

From the invasion of Britain to the siege of Paris, the Viking age is indeed one of the most tumultuous and formative periods of European history. But what of the forces behind the seismic raids and explorations? What of the ingenious craftsmanship behind the longboats that were beyond their time? Often, a farrago of myths and facts continues to portray a rather foggy image of the Vikings; but could the Vikings truly be the savage seafarers that history condemns them to be? Inside you will learn about:

The Raids and Settlements of the Vikings
Siege of Paris
The Viking Dress Code
Viking Homes
The Viking Age and Music
The Viking Longship
The Social Landscape of the Vikings
Ragnar Lodbrok
Erik Thorvaldsson
Bjorn Ironside
Harald Hardrada
Frey (Freyr)
Freyja (Freya)
And much more!
This book provides a balanced and riveting account of the Viking age—from its dawn to dusk. Without white washing the savagery of the Vikings, it chronicles the many raids that were undertaken. It also presents another view point of these fascinating people. Employing the latest archaeological finds and various sources, it paints a different yet factual picture of the Vikings. The book delves into the many cultural aspects of the society: religion—the Nordic gods—social structure, cloth, house and much besides. Their celebrated ship architecture is discussed at length, myths are debunked, legends are deliberated—many facets of this epoch are dilated in detail.


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  • Release Date: 11-10-2017
  • Publisher: Stephan Weaver