The Silence of War

  • by Terry McGowan, Bill O'Reilly - foreword
  • Narrated by Pete Larkin
  • 11 hrs and 0 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

With a foreword by Bill O'Reilly, here is the incredible memoir of a former marine who returns to combat in Iraq and Afghanistan three decades after leaving the corps.
Terry McGowan had been a beat cop, a marine captain, and a special agent for the FBI before retiring at the age of 50. But when tragedy struck the United States on September 11, 2001, Terry felt an undiminished sense of duty to protect and serve his country.

Six years later he was in Iraq as a member of a team of high-ranking retired and active-duty military working for the highest level of marine military intelligence. His success in Iraq led to a position as a law enforcement professional with the marines in Afghanistan. There he found himself the oldest member of a platoon on the front line - a platoon that was understrength and under fire. While an 18-year-old marine can't look at a crowd of Afghans and pick out the guilty party, with his years of experience in law enforcement, Terry had developed an eye for the "felony look". His training as a marine officer, combined with his experience as an FBI agent, made him a unique asset as he struggled to keep up with young marines while they humped over the mountains.
In The Silence of War, Terry recounts the many trials of his life of service, providing an intimate glimpse into the horrible realities of modern military conflict.


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Customer Reviews

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Respectful, Heartfelt, but Writing is Dry

I mean absolutely no disrespect to those who have served when I say "The Silence of War" is not the best. McGowan obviously has nothing but devotion and love for those he served with, shows us what an honor it was to know them, to fight with them, to suffer their losses.
But his writing style is not riveting. Firefights are almost dictated, very detached. Mostly his writing is one long (WELL-Deserved!!!) thank you to those there. It is emails and letters of recommendation for medals; it is emails to a group back home of the valor of those around him. It is a running commentary of the stupidity and lack of foresight of others.
But no, not riveting.
Further, while I admit I'm twitchy about lengthy pauses in narration and thus listen to almost everything at x1.25, this needed x1.5 speed to flow into anything that moved the action. Larkin's tone was nice, could be wry, but he reads very, very slowly.
If you have only one credit and you want breathless, while I respect the man and his service, this book isn't it. There are so many out there: "Lions of Kandahar", "Outlaw Platoon", "Hammerhead Six", and the recently released, "Red Platoon".
If, however, you want a book about day to day nobility and service, suffering in the heat, without water, at the mercy of commanders and the enemy, this book does indeed do that.
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- Gillian "SciFi/Fantasy and Classics to History, Adventure and Memoirs to Social Commentary—I love and listen to it all!"

Honorable service personnel working next to Hell

After 3 decades ex Marine Corp. Captain Terry McGowan returns to the Marine Corp. as a police advisor. The story of events had to be much more exciting than the way the story was written. This book is informative, interesting, but far from exciting.
What this story is : relates to the selfless actions of many young people in this current decade, that display honor, creative thinking and their devotion to each other, their country, and a willingness to go the extre mile to create a safe haven for everyone around them.
The book also points out that individuals that only care about themselves, at the cost of others remain represented in this theater.
So we continue to have the good, the bad, and the.... Well representative.
The book is more like a non emotional report of a tour of duty in Afganistan, and I was looking for a blow by blow account.
So if you are looking for a calm cool recollection of experiences in a war time setting this is a book for you. On the other hand if you are looking for no stopped action and suspense. Well choose wisely.
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- Allen Anthony "No comment"

Book Details

  • Release Date: 08-23-2016
  • Publisher: Penguin Audio