The Night of the Long Knives

  • by Charles River Editors
  • Narrated by Dan Gallagher
  • 1 hrs and 37 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Germany's Nazi Party was remarkably implacable in the hostility it showed to the outside world, staunchly opposing both Communism and liberal democracy from the moment of its inception to that of its violent dissolution. The Nazis likewise showed steely, unwavering resolve in their lethal hatred of the Jews, the Slavs, and many others whom they labeled as "untermenschen," subhumans unworthy of rights, cultural standing, or life itself. They pursued their dark vision of "Aryan" superiority with a terrifying clarity and zeal, and they were willing to incur the enmity of the entire world in the process.At the same time, despite this fanatic dedication to their overall vision, the Nazis had their own share of factional strife, and perhaps not surprisingly, the internecine struggle often led to violence, executions, and assassinations, byproducts of a totalitarian environment in which power appeared in its most undisguised and aggressive form. The firing squad, the bomb, the torture chamber, the extermination camp, the crematorium, and the noose of piano wire took the place of debate and persuasion in Hitler's Germany.Like other totalitarian regimes, the leader of the Nazis kept an iron grip on power in part by making sure nobody else could attain too much of it, leading to purges of high-ranking officials in the Nazi party. Of these purges, the most notorious was the Night of the Long Knives, a purge in the summer of 1934 that came about when Hitler ordered the surprise executions of several dozen leaders of the SA. This fanatically National Socialist paramilitary organization had been a key instrument in overthrowing democratic government in Germany.


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Short listen .... Good book

This is a concise history of the Night Of The Long Knives June 30th 1934, where Adolph Hitler decided to kill Ernst Rohm leader of the German SA along with approx 1000 of Rohm's followers. The "Rohm Purge" as it became known, triggered a turning point in
Nazi history. Rohm was once a close friend and confidant of Hitler but the two became estranged as Hitler gined more and more power. This book explains the rift between the two men.World history as we know it took a bloody turn on that decisive day.

This is a short book approximately 90 minutes long but well worth the listen.
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- Alan


First of all, if you're dealing with German history, have a narrator that can speak with a German accent. An American accent seems awkward and distracting. Secondly, this story is a horrific and horrifying tale, but none of that was portrayed. In fact, this publication seemed more like a general overview of the Nazi party than a story about the "Night of the Long Knives".
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- Katie Asling

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  • Release Date: 04-06-2015
  • Publisher: Charles River Editors