The Myth of Hitler's Pope

  • by David G. Dalin
  • Narrated by Michael Floyd
  • 5 hrs and 28 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Rabbi Dalin explodes the resurrected, widely accepted, yet bankrupt smearing of Pope Pius XII, whom Jewish survivors of the Holocaust considered "a righteous gentile". With devastating scholarship and unblinking honesty, he sets the record straight in an audiobook that should shame haters of the pope, inspire conservative Christians, and sound a warning about the deep roots of Islamofascism.


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Customer Reviews

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Mit indeffiteegabel schloppiness

Any additional comments?

It's a great pity that such an important book is narrated so badly. The author deals with significant historical and religious issues and I wanted to listen with all possible concentration, but was often pulled up short by bad or peculiar pronunciation by the reader — in English and other languages. Examples:

Apostolic: e-POS-te-lick or even e-posse-lis-tic
Calumny: calmuny (unless I'm guitly of mishearing)
Eichmann: eck-men (but later on the standard English pronunciation "eick-man")
Bramante: bra-min-TAY
Pisa: pee-ZAH
Mantua: men-TOOHA
Padua: pe-DOOHA
Balfour: bal-FOUR
Mit brennender Sorge: mit brennender SAW-DGZ (audio pronunciation clips of the phrase can be found on the Web with no difficulty at all)
Anschluss: ahn-slosh (like "schloss", a castle)
Nasser: nah-SAIR
Egidio da Viterbo: egidio DAAH viterbo
Fichte: fitch (I guess it was Fikh-tuh or /ˈfɪxtə/, because Knee-Chee was mentioned in the same context)
Kulturkampf: kul-cher kampf
Zeitung: zee-tong
Norwich: nor-witch
Indefatigably: in-deffi-teeg-e-bli (or something impressively similar)

If you are going to narrate a book of this nature, you could surely make some attempt to find out how to use a generally acceptable pronunciation of unusual or non-English words or proper names. For the listener, one of the added advantages of an audiobook is to hear standard pronunciations by professional readers of uncommon terms or names. "Pe-selli" is acceptable for "Pacelli", but the occasional "pe-silly" is not. (Perhaps /paˈtʃɛlli/ would have been preferable for this text.) The reading is all the more silly because the narrator seems to be striving for a nasal, Brit-imperial academic lecturing tone. It is to be hoped that other readers will forge ahead indeffiteegabli and stay the course for the sake of the content of this compelling book.

Rabbi Dalin certainly has his own scimitar to grind, but he does so with scholarly integrity. By all means buy this audiobook, and try to mis-listen the mispronunciations.

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- Thosigmar

Dispels many misconceptions!

I had heard there was controversy on weather the pope had done enough to try and prevent the holo cost. This book does an excellent job in defending the popes actions in defending the Jews!
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- Frank

Book Details

  • Release Date: 08-13-2014
  • Publisher: Regnery Publishing