• by Michael Weiss, Hassan Hassan
  • Narrated by Qarie Marshall
  • 9 hrs and 28 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Initially dismissed by US President Barack Obama, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has shocked the world by conquering massive territories in both countries and promising to create a vast new Muslim caliphate that observes the strict dictates of Sharia law. In ISIS: Inside the Army of Terror, American journalist Michael Weiss and Syrian analyst Hassan Hassan explain how these violent extremists evolved from a nearly defeated Iraqi insurgent group into a jihadi army of international volunteers who have conquered territory equal to the size of Great Britain. Drawing on original interviews with former US military officials and current ISIS fighters, the authors also reveal the internecine struggles within the movement itself as well as ISIS' bloody hatred of Shiite Muslims, which is generating another sectarian war in the region. Past is prologue, and America's legacy in the Middle East is sowing a new generation of terror.


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Hard to follow

Well researched with a lot of great information but hard to follow if you're not familiar with the names and places in Arabic.
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- L. Fassett

Dunce Hat, Please...

A very tough book for me to review because I am so ashamedly unfamiliar with the language, geography, vernacular, and apparently even more so with the rapid churning of the collusive state of affairs. Several reviewers mentioned trouble tracking because of the names and language -- Amen. Abu Mus'ab al-Zarqawi, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, Abu Muhammad al-Adnani, Ibn Yasin...add in the Abu's, Bin's, Ben's Ibn's, Al's...the generational references of who begat who, the-father-of, the-son-of, etc.. It had me in a cloud of confusion, recalling all the begatting in Genesis, or the historical records of Adam to Abraham in 1 Chronicles 1-9. For pages, I felt like Eutychus while Paul spoke on and on (Acts 20:9) ???-z-z-z-z. I was tempted to deploy the decorating tactics of Homeland's Carrie Mathison during one of her manic attacks just to keep track of who's-who/the connections/the global theater/etc. My room would be a spider web puzzle of post-it notes and zig-zagging strings (which is a perfect metaphor). What I'm saying is the subject matter, as written by these two very knowledgeable journalists, is utterly thorough, antecedent, academic--over my head.

Has anyone written a *For Dummies* version? Shame on me; how did I get so behind, so uninformed, so complacent about not understanding what is happening? I did listen twice, but it was futile--like a second session with Rosetta Stone; I hardly felt more fluent. But, I did understand on some level the portent of threat, the hatred, and the intense commitment to whatever the hell the cause is. Dogma/oil/genetics?

The fact that both Michael Weiss and Hassan Hassan are top-notch journalists that have the history and inside experience, I imagine would make this book extremely interesting to those with an understanding of this continuing conflict in Syria. I both envy and applaud your knowledge. We should all understand this brutal threat. I am still largely in the dark, but not giving up yet. I wish I could get suggestions, from you that are more informed, of a better beginning to understanding.
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- Mel

Book Details

  • Release Date: 07-07-2015
  • Publisher: Dreamscape Media, LLC