History Is Wrong

  • by Erich von Daniken
  • Narrated by John Allen Nelson
  • 6 hrs and 11 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Erich von Däniken again shows his flair for revealing truths that his contemporaries have missed. After closely analyzing hundreds of ancient and apparently unrelated texts, he is now ready to proclaim that human history is nothing like the world religions claim---and he has the proof! In History Is Wrong, von Däniken takes a closer look at the fascinating Voynich manuscript, which has defied all attempts at decription since its discovery, and makes some intriguing revelations about the equally incredible book of Enoch.
Von Däniken also unearths the astounding story of a lost subterranean labyrinth in Ecuador said to be home to an extensive library of thousands of gold panels. He supplies evidence that the metal library has links not only to the Book of Enoch but also to the Mormons, who have spent decades searching for it, believing it to contain the history of their forefathers. And what about the mysterious lines in the desert of Nazca that resemble landing strips when viewed from the air? Archeologists claim they are ancient procession routes. "Think again!" cries von Däniken, as he reveals the data that the archeologists never even thought to check. History Is Wrong will challenge your intellect---and maybe a few long-held beliefs, too.


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Customer Reviews

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Voynich Manuscript to nowhere

Von Daniken has been one of my favorites for years now. He courageous, incessantly inquisitive, and a smooth talker. It was, therefore, with some excitement that I began listening to this book - ready to receive the mysterious knowledge like an after dinner treat.
When Erich began about the Voynich Manuscript, I heard myself exclaim"Yippee."
It all became more intriguing when he brought Crespi's treasures and the Book of Mormons into play and I thought to myself "well this is going to get really interesting!".

Alas, Erich never brought the loose ends together; repeatedly getting off-track with sanctimonious recriminations against those who have treated him with disdain in the past. Of course, I get his frustration with the scientific community and his disgust with the lies and the attempted attacks at his credibility. However, if he wanted to write a book about that, then he should have called it like "The Abuse of Scientists Against Erich van Daniken", or something similar. Of course the title conveniently allows him to address his grievances surreptitiously, but I didn't appreciate his slight of hand at all.

In spite of repeated promises throughout the book to address the Voynich Manuscript enigma, he never does so, and conveniently lets it go for the last 50% of the book. So, after reading Erich's abbreviated notes on Voynich, what one knows about the manuscript is less than what can be gleaned from Google during a quick 5 minutes browse.

His frenetic hither and thither weaving seems to be specifically designed to confuse the reader into not noticing the large gaps and holes in his arguments and attempts to "set the record straight." Perhaps van Daniken should stop penning books now, or get a decent editor to read his work, and point out the vacuities in his arguments and prose.

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- Mario

An assault to the ears

What disappointed you about History Is Wrong?

While the topic was intriguing the narration was hard to sit through, I kept hoping it would be less explosive as time went on but no such luck. Im not sure if he doing his imitation of the author or the newsreels of the 1930's.

Would you recommend History Is Wrong to your friends? Why or why not?

I'm afraid I would not recommend to my friends.

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- Isabel

Book Details

  • Release Date: 03-28-2011
  • Publisher: Tantor Audio