Eyes on Target

  • by Scott McEwen, Richard Miniter
  • Narrated by Holter Graham
  • 6 hrs and 27 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Told through the eyes of current and former Navy SEALs, Eyes on Target is an inside account of some of the most harrowing missions in American history - including the mission to kill Osama bin Laden and the mission that wasn't, the deadly attack on the US diplomatic outpost in Benghazi where a retired SEAL sniper with a small team held off one hundred terrorists while his repeated radio calls for help went unheeded.
The book contains incredible accounts of major SEAL operations - from the violent birth of SEAL Team Six and the aborted Operation Eagle Claw meant to save the hostages in Iran, to key missions in Iraq and Afghanistan where the SEALs suffered their worst losses in their fifty year history - and every chapter illustrates why this elite military special operations unit remains the most feared anti-terrorist force in the world.
We hear reports on the record from retired SEAL officers including Lt. Cmdr. Richard Marcinko, the founder of SEAL Team Six, and a former Commander at SEAL team Six, Ryan Zinke, and we come away understanding the deep commitment of these military men who put themselves in danger to protect our country and save American lives. In the face of insurmountable odds and the imminent threat of death, they give all to protect those who cannot protect themselves.
No matter the situation, on duty or at ease, SEALs never, ever give up. One powerful chapter in the book tells the story of how one Medal of Honor winner saved another, the only time this has been done in US military history.
Eyes on Target includes these special features:

A detailed timeline of events during the Benghazi attack
Sample rescue scenarios from a military expert who believes that help could have reached the Benghazi compound in time
The US House Republican Conference Interim Progress Report on the events surrounding the September 11, 2012 Terrorist Attacks in Benghazi
Through their many interviews and unique access, Scott McEwen and Richard Miniter pull back the veil that has so often concealed the heroism of these patriots. They live by a stringent and demanding code of their own creation, keeping them ready to ignore politics, bureaucracy and-if necessary-direct orders. They share a unique combination of character, intelligence, courage, love of country and what can only be called true grit.
They are the Navy SEALs, and they keep their Eyes on Target.


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I Will Not Fail-I'm Never Out of the Fight

SEALs are trained to perform the most difficult missions that were once thought impossible. The SEALs will go anywhere and do anything, " to protect those who cannot protect themselves." The SEALs are a brotherhood that would lay down their live for one another. The SEAL knows that when on a mission that they face the possibility of death.

Eyes on Target relates to the reader a few of the operations that the SEALs have undertaken. These missions killed SEALs, fellow Americans, other members of the elite forces of the Army, Air Force and the Marines.

First, Lt. Commander Marcinko was the founder of SEAL Team Six. The SEAL Team Six members, at that time were called pirates. Their tough practices, fighting was not uncommon, drinking everywhere and as much as each member could drink, although they would not drink before a mission, were well known. When Lt. Commander Marcinko left SEAL Team Six, Commander Ryan Zinke took his place. He was certainly a different kind of leader. Many of the older SEALs as well as some of the younger SEALs left. Commander Ryan Zinke took time but did change the way that SEAL Team Six functions today.

The SEALs participated in the Vietnam War. There were two SEALs in the Vietnam war, Norris and Thornton, who both received the medal of honor. Thornton insisted that Norris also be rewarded the medal of honor. Norris was in the hospital and had not been released. However, Thornton removed Norris from the hospital in a wheelchair, to be present when he was to receive his medal of honor. However, Thornton explained how the actions of Norris were also consistent with the rules that constituted his receiving the medal of honor, too. Both men received their medal of honor together at a later time. That was the first and last time in history that this has occurred.

The mission of Eagle Claw, whereby 52 Americans who were being held hostage in Iran and were to be rescued, turned into a debacle. The different entities of the armed forces did not work together as a team. Each segment devised their plan but none of them shared each other's plans. Therefore, the one side did not know what the other was doing and the rescued attempt was compromised and had to be called off.

The mission to capture bin Laden was successful. However, at the time, he was armed and dangerous and was killed. However, before this occurred, the men on the first black hawk were roping down and all aboard were killed when the black hawk exploded after being hit with an RPG. There were 48 Gold SEALs killed at that time, the largest loss of SEAL Team Six men at any other time. At the time of my listening of this book, that figure still stands.

Lastly, was the unheard and ignored pleas? from Ambassador Stevens, who was at his station in Benghazi. The terrorists started early and gave the American's more than enough time to get out of Benghazi. Ambassador Stevens, who will ever know why, chose not to call for help early and when he did, making the White House aware for the immediate evacuation of all American's, his pleas fell on deaf ears. The number of calls for assistance were too many to be counted, made by many of the American's at the compound. Unfortunately, no one except two SEALs, who were not called but who were made aware of the crisis, came and saved all American's except for two, Ambassador Stevens and another member of his team were in the compound that had been set on fire.

The two SEALs, who climbed up on the roof of a building next door, kept some of the terrorists distracted enough, that the other American's were driven away in a Hum Vee to the airport and out of Benghazi. Political F...Up?

The two SEALs, who saved the trapped American's, died. Therefore, the count is now 4 American's dead. "I will not fail. I'm never out of the fight." "All gave some and some gave all."

These true accounts clarify, once again, that the request from President John F. Kennedy, before his assassination, was to create a team of SEALs, was steering our military in the right direction. After WWII the demolition team was no longer a part of the US Navy. Furthermore, the Army and the Marines have the Green Berets and MARSOC, which are now a part of the elite warriors of the US war on terrorism.

I enjoyed listening to this book very much. If you are interested in this genre of books, this one is a good choice. The narrator was excellent. I would have liked to have finished this book in a day but I required more time in order to absorb what I was listening to. In fact, this is the second time that I've listened to this book. I've listened to these events while listening to other books but I've found that I've learned a little more with each listen.

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- Pamela Dale Foster "I listen to and have recently started to write reviews. I've found the reviews have helped me to select books."

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Almost quit on this book as it started out different than I thought. The final part regarding the options to react on Ben Ghazi should be mandatory reading for every American prior to voting on any future election!

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- Jeff

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  • Release Date: 02-25-2014
  • Publisher: Hachette Audio