The Prime

  • by Kulreet Chaudhary
  • Narrated by Kulreet Chaudhary
  • 8 hrs and 40 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Lose Weight, Get Sharper...No Diet Required
Integrative neurologist Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary discovered a beautiful side effect to the eating and lifestyle tools she gave her brain patients - shedding excess pounds. In this, her first book, she shows listeners that weight gain is a result of the body being in a toxic, inflammatory state. If your body is not prepared, or "primed", for weight loss, you will fight an uphill biochemical battle, and the odds of succeeding are slim. So she's reverse engineered our way of eating, so we can stop dieting backward and start succeeding instead.
Using a blend of cutting-edge science and ancient wisdom, Dr. Chaudhary has crafted a plan like no other. In it, she shares:

The importance of neuroadaptation, food addiction, and the brain (or, why it's not your fault that dieting has been so hard in the past!)
Why it's not what you eat but what you digest
How to determine if you have a leaky brain - and what the Prime can do about it (hint: everything)
The four stages of the Prime - 1. Activate a biochemical shift. 2. Crush cravings (no willpower required). 3. Ignite energy and fat. 4. Biohack your lifestyle habits. - and how they'll help you spontaneously shed pounds by adding (not subtracting) simple teas and supplements and without giving up any foods you love.

Lastly, you'll learn how to live fully Primed, the secrets of the Super-Primed, and, when you're ready to explore new foods, how to eat according to your unique constitution.


What the Critics Say

"The Prime is a wonderfully crafted amalgamation of ancient wisdom with leading-edge science. Blessings to Dr. Chaudhary for delivering this knowledge in a user-friendly format to benefit so many!" (David Perlmutter, MD, FACN, New York Times best-selling author of Grain Brain and Brain Maker)
"Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary is a rock star doctor who truly bridges the gap between Ayurveda and western medicine. The Prime will leave you feeling and looking great!" (Jason Wachob, founder of mindbodygreen and author of Wellth)
"Kulreet Chaudhary chronicles a fascinating journey from a reductionist and mechanistic medicine to a truly integrated behavioral approach to health and healing. For anyone who wants to understand the future of well-being and medicine this book is a must read." (Deepak Chopra, MD, FACP)


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Customer Reviews

Most Helpful

Fascinating Listen

For anyone looking to detox and to retrain your body for weight loss, this book is a great addition to your library. I say that because, like many eternal dieters, I have numerous books on weight loss. These books run the gamut from real age techniques to sugar elimination to shredding and more. This book takes a different approach. It is a cultural analysis of health and food habits. It is not the only book that assesses the American processed food obsession from a cultural perspective. The new fad in dieting, bone broth soups, which this book references, is based on Asian food traditions. However, Prime highlights the sad truth of what can happen to a culture that loses control of the ingredients in the foods placed on the plate. In America, much of the processing that goes into food manufacture yields results that our bodies do not recognize as food. The reality is that manufacturers are more focused on formulating addictive and long-lasting food equivalents. Chaudhary's approach is about freeing ourselves from the addiction to processed Franken-foods. I loved the book, and appreciate the fact that Chaudhary respects the difficulties inherent in the process of retraining both our bodies, and our brains, to recognize real food again -- after generations (think 1950's tv dinners to present day) of a cultural addiction to processed food stuffs that have no relation to health or nutrition. I only gave 4 stars because Chaudhary is a doctor. I would have, therefore, appreciated case studies with a little more academic rigor. She uses her patients, and herself, as sample populations. I understand that her own experiences led her to have more sympathy for real dieters, but it would have been nice to see additional examples from a variety of demographic groups, and to have a slightly more quantitative analysis as underlying support of her premise. That being said, this is an outstanding and helpful book on 2 important aspects of weight loss -- detoxification and mental priming.
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- Lady "Amazon Power Reader"

Deep Detox your body - Ayerveda + Western health

Well written, narrated, and produced, this audio book is one I'll not only listen to again, but will also buy the hard copy. Last year I tried a "diet" for the first time after listening to numerous health related books on Audible. I went Ketogenic. It worked great for a while, but then I stalled and lost energy and couldn't sleep at night. I read more books, searching for the answer and found a few, but I think this book addresses the issue.

Think about the race between the turtle and the hare, the turtle wins in the end because he is slow and steady. And, the Ayervedic approach as explained in The Prime, is slow, methodical, and thorough. It makes so much sense.

And, while I was considering the recommended Intermittent Fasting that some people on Keto were doing, I just couldn't see how. In The Prime, Dr. Chaudhary explains how there are certain Types in Ayerveda, or combos of Types, and there is one Type that just wouldn't do well with Intermittent Fasting.

After stopping a rigorous Ketogenic way of eating, I actually broke the stall, lost a little more weight and have been holding there, still eating very healthy, just not so strict on the low carb/protein/high fat ratio that Keto is built on. What I love about The Prime, is that it explains how once you get your digestive system cleaned out and in working order, it will be able to handle foods that are pretty much not allowed in other regimens - in Keto, "No Sugar", but in The Prime it's "No Artificial Sweeteners" because of the negative health causes, and a little natural sweetener is okay - but pretty much after the gut is healed and can handle things it can't handle now.

There are more and more books coming out by doctors explaining the damage done by wheat, or foods that our bodies don't recognize as food, and lately more books are emphasizing the connection between the gut and brain and emphasizing the need for a healthy microbiome. The fixes in those books are faster. But The Prime is a much deeper regimen.

With the thoroughness of the detox explained in this book - and it is a longer staged program than any other I've read about so far - the gut is going to be really cleaned and good health easier to achieve. Afterwards, there are seasonal regimens recommended, making this a new way of life.

Give this book a listen. Even if this program isn't for you, you'll learn something. And Dr. Chaudhary's voice is warm, intelligent, and compassionate . . . and so Southern Californian. :)
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- Diana "Practicing Idealist, Dabbling Realist ;)"

Book Details

  • Release Date: 01-05-2016
  • Publisher: Random House Audio