The Fast Track One-Day Detox Diet

  • by Ann Louise Gittleman, C.N.S.
  • Narrated by Ann Louise Gittleman, C.N.S.
  • 3 hrs and 24 mins
  • Abridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

You know how it is. That special event just around the corner and you can't fit into your designer jeans. You need a fool-proof, emergency weight-loss method that really works and works fast. So how do you safely and quickly lose those extra pounds? Once again, renowned health pioneer and best-selling author Ann Louise Gittleman has a quick, no-strings-attached solution that is also good for you. In The Fast Track One-Day Detox Diet, Gittleman takes the age-old method of fasting and incorporates it into a safe and healthy one-day plan that helps you lose weight fast, gets rid of toxins, and give your body a cleansing boost to prepare it for even more weight loss down the road.
The plan itself is blissfully simple:
THE PREQUEL: Seven days of adding detox support foods to your diet to prepare your body for the one-day Fast
THE FAST: One day of sipping Gittleman's "Miracle Juice", a deliciously spiced mixture of herbs and spices specially designed to stave off hunger, balance blood sugar, boost metabolism, and replenish nutrients (no kidding, the juice is completely delicious)
THE SEQUEL: Three days of reintroducing supportive and immune-boosting foods into your diet to seal in the results
That's all. There's no need for a strict maintenance plan or more dieting because the Fast Track One-Day Detox Diet purges your body of fattening toxins so that you'll keep losing weight once you're finished.
So, use The Fast Track One-Day Detox Diet to jump start an over-40 metabolism, melt away vacation or holiday pounds, break a diet plateau, get in shape for that high school reunion or wedding, and even help heal a chronic illness. Even if you've been slow to lose weight in the past, the pounds will melt away quickly during your one-day fast.
Don't delay, it's time to jump on the Fast Track to a lighter, healthier you.


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Customer Reviews

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What was I thinking?

Okay, this not a good audio book to get. First of all, you need to have the food lists and "drugs" she expects you to get in front of you. I will not scribble down "flax seed oil" and "lineolic acid" during the 2 some odd hours of this audiobook. Second, what is with all the junk she tells you to get? She wants me to eat only organic foods and to stay away from "healthy" non organic foods because of possible pesticides. All right, I can even buy that. But, come on. If you want some direction on healthy eating, I don't think swallowing blue-green algae and eating sardines is the right way (or the sane way) to go. My biggest pet peeve... what is this "miracle fasting juice"? She doesn't even give an recipe for it. You have to have to book in front of you to even begin this "detox" diet.
I bought this audio book because I am fascinated by diets and what "experts" recommend.
Although she is a CNS (certified nutritional specialist), she does not have her MD. I am skeptical about taking nutritional advice from her. If you follow all the oils and vitamins and dietary supplements that she suggests that you take, you won't have any more room in your stomach for that unknown "delicious" juice that you have to buy the book anyway to figure out what is in it or how to make it.
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- Amber

Amazing Results!

I feel incredible after only 3 days on this program and have already lost 3 lbs. Starting at 160 lbs, I wasn't expecting that I would lose very much weight, but results have been amazing in just days. That bloated feeling I've had for so long is gone like the author promised. I feel like I've actually lost 10 lbs! There have been some headaches as a result of detoxification, but my health is worth the minor discomfort. I have not had cravings for any forbidden foods, and have staved off that hungry feeling with delicious fruits and tasty bowls of soup. By the way, the recipe for the "Miracle Juice" is part of the book notes which you can easily download from this page. The book is a value for its price and the plan is definitely worth a try.
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- Angela

Book Details

  • Release Date: 04-22-2005
  • Publisher: Random House Audio