Keto Bodybuilding

  • by Siim Land
  • Narrated by Siim Land
  • 6 hrs and 34 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Do the impossible - build muscle and burn fat at the same time! The ultimate goal of every bodybuilder and fitness enthusiast is to carve their body into an aesthetic sculpture like that of a Greek god. The keto diet is known for its rapid weight loss effects. For burning fat, it's superior to any other diet out there. However...can you build muscle on a keto diet? Well, the answer to that is yes! On the ketogenic diet you can use different strategies and training modalities to force your body to build pure lean muscle mass, without getting too fat. You don't have to bulk up for six months and then starve yourself during your cutting period to get ripped and muscular. Keto Bodybuilding will not only optimize your training but will also improve your health. It's the most sustainable way of eating for the individual who wants to stay low carb while still making some massive gains. This book can show you how to do it. Keto Bodybuilding teaches you how to:

Start a ketogenic diet to improve your health
Burn all excess body fat down to single digits and stay there year-round
Build some impressive lean muscle mass and strength without getting fat in the process
Train appropriately for any physique goal while on a low carb diet
Activate the most powerful anabolic hormones within your body
Deliberately manipulate your genes and metabolism to shape your body
Improve your longevity and increase your life-span, so that you can be muscular at an old age as well
Not feel deprived or have low levels of energy

Reclaim your throne of greatness and start enjoying life a lot more. The seemingly impossible is actually possible. As contradictory as it might sound right now, you can build lean muscle and burn fat.


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Customer Reviews

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Great subject matter but a terrible book

I've been following a ketogenic diet for about 7 months now. I could write a few pages on the number of positive benefits that I've benefited from by eating this way -- it's literally changed everything in my life from my mood, waistline, hair and fingernails, energy level, memory recall, cognitive function, biomarkers, blood lipid tests, etc. I understand that it may not work for everyone but it has been remarkable for me and I'll likely follow some version of it for the rest of my life.

I also lift weights and have done so for several decades. I decided after a few months doing keto that even if I lost lean muscle mass that I could live with that given the changes that I was seeing on the diet. But, to my surprise, I found better gains via keto after having been on it for about three months.

So, when I saw the title and description of this book I immediately purchased it as I was hoping to better understand some basis for my own experiences concerning this subject. Unfortunately, the book was almost a complete let down for me. I nearly stopped listening after the first five minutes as it seemed that the audiobook had almost been published as some sort of joke. I got better toward the end although I'm not a fan of cyclical or targeted ketogenic diets as I believe that carb refeeds take one out of ketosis for too long and that this takes away from the benefits I believe are associated with this diet/lifestyle.

There are so many great ketogenic resources available and many of them are free on youtube: Dr. Volek, Dr. Attia, Dr. Phinney, Dominic D'Agustino, Dr. Wahls, etc. Even Jimmy Moore's book was quite good.

I really wanted to get something out of this book. For starters, I think the author would have been better served by hiring a professional narrator and to remove the various references to becoming "Greek gods" and similar "bro" messaging.
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- Innate

Should of got a different Narrator

The Narrator Siim Land is really bad and makes it very difficult to listen to.
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- erik

Book Details

  • Release Date: 08-26-2016
  • Publisher: Siim Land