Autoimmune Disease Anti-Inflammatory Diet

  • by Mary Solomon
  • Narrated by Martin James
  • 1 hrs and 50 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Proven relief for autoimmune diseases! Do you suffer from Sjogren's Syndrome, Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Colitis, Diabetes Type 1, Fibromyalgia or another autoimmune disease? You're about to discover a proven dietary change that can relieve your symptoms and improve your immune system for the rest of your life! This isn't a fad diet. Millions of American's are suffering from autoimmune diseases and have been able to stop taking aggressive drugs, chemotherapy and pain medications by simply changing their diet. Think about it: you'll feel better and save money! In this book you will find all the information you need to improve your life forever!
You'll Learn...

Types of autoimmune diseases
How autoimmune diseases effect the body
What is Gluten sensitivity vs. Celiac Disease?
A quick start guide
How to change your diet
How to manage new changes
How to shop
How to plan meals
How to eat at restaurants
Do you need supplements?
Loads of tips and tricks!


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Customer Reviews

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should be called "autoimmune disorders & gluten free diet"

This book is not well-written in a myriad of ways...the grammar and writing style are quite poor. The author is apparently rather unfamiliar with the adverb very. Instead of utilizing the word "very" to add emphasis, she writes phrases such as "you will have way more options when..." Granted, the use of the word "way" in this manner is not uncommon in some conversational speech in the United States; however, the use of this style of language and poor grammar feels like the author of this book is an uneducated teenager at best... A good demonstration of widespread decline in our ability to speak and write the English language properly!
The narration is fast, unappealing and boring - no expression whatsoever. Feels very mechanical. Between the narration and writing, I was very easily distracted and annoyed.
The length of this book is only long enough to be a very basic introduction to its topics, and does not even do that very well.
The first half or third+ of the book discusses types of autoimmune conditions and does not contain any information regarding diet. From what is written in this book, the author seems to think the only change you need to make in your diet to make it "anti-inflammatory" is to eat gluten-free. From my own personal experience with autoimmune disorders, I know that an "anti-inflammatory autoimmune diet" encompasses MUCH more than simply eliminating gluten. Each individual's body and physical constitution is unique and it is important to seek out assistance and guidance from specialized doctors, nutritionists and "alternative" healthcare providers in finding the appropriate diet to assist in controlling and reversing autoimmune disorders and inflammation. Also seeking out wise and knowledgeable guidance, books and materials regarding dietary and other healing modalities to assist with healing autoimmune conditions can be extremely helpful. This audiobook is NOT one of those quality resources. I have read and sought out a multitude of resources in my healing journey so I feel I am able make a well-educated assessment of this book. There may be a few decent recommendations on following a gluten-free diet and some basic information about a handful of autoimmune conditions, but if you want a truly helpful resource for information regarding autoimmune conditions and how to address them through diet and other modalities, you will need to seek out far superior books and resources than this one.
I CANNOT recommend reading this book or listening to the audiobook if you are serious about attaining truly useful and worthwhile information and guidance! Even as an introduction to its topics, I do not feel it is a valuable fact, I consider misleading since it implies following a gluten-free diet is equal to a fully anti-inflammatory diet. :((. At the very least, the title of the book should be changed as it does not reflect or advertise correctly the actual information contained within the book.

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- Dblms

Book Details

  • Release Date: 07-02-2015
  • Publisher: Mary Solomon