The Unnoticeables: A Novel : The Vicious Circuit

  • by Robert Brockway
  • Narrated by Nick Podehl, Emily Foster, Scott Merriman
  • Series: The Vicious Circuit
  • 7 hrs and 49 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

From Robert Brockway, Sr. Editor and Columnist of, comes The Unnoticeables, a funny and frightening urban fantasy.
There are angels, and they are not beneficent or loving. But they do watch over us. They watch our lives unfold, analyzing us for repeating patterns and redundancies. When they find them, the angels simplify those patterns and remove the redundancies, and the problem that is "you" gets solved.
Carey doesn't much like that idea. As a punk living in New York City, 1977, Carey is sick and tired of watching strange kids with unnoticeable faces abduct his friends. He doesn't care about the rumors of tar-monsters in the sewers or unkillable psychopaths invading the punk scene - all he wants is to drink cheap beer and dispense ass-kickings.
Kaitlyn isn't sure what she's doing with her life. She came to Hollywood in 2013 to be a stunt woman, but last night a former teen heartthrob tried to eat her, her best friend has just gone missing, and there's an angel outside her apartment. Whatever she plans on doing with her life, it should probably happen in the few remaining minutes she has left.
There are angels. There are demons. They are the same thing. It's up to Carey and Kaitlyn to stop them. The survival of the human race is in their hands.
We are, all of us, well and truly screwed.


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Customer Reviews

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You've heard, he cusses like a sailor? I grew up with a sailor as a dad, and bad language does not bother me. This is full of swearing, sex innuendoes, gore, humor and losers. The first eleven chapters deal mostly with the punk losers, sort of Beevis and Butthead types. It is full of a lot of sarcastic LOL jokes, often sex related. I was in High School when punk got started and no one I knew understood it. It was a very minor group of people who did not seem to like themselves.

In chapter 12 we start to get a little explanation of what is going on. It makes you hungry to find out more of what is going on. The whole book is not just silliness, there is actually some intelligence behind the writing. Towards the end when we should have been finding out what was going on, the book goes into pyro technics and all meaning is lost. I would have liked to have understood more of what was going on. This seems to be set up for a sequel, but I don't believe I should have to buy another book to find out what I should have in book one.

I will say that this is not same sh@% different toilet, this is a lot different from most of what I have read. The closest I have come to it would be Rant by Chuck P.
Narrator was pretty good.
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- Jim "The Impatient"

Left wanting

Great concept but left me wanting. You keep waiting for some clarity, an explanation of exactly what is going on. I don't expect everything to be tied up in a little bow, but this left me feeling disgruntled. Not sure if there is a sequel, but it needs one. It's a mental "coitus interuptus".
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- Michelle L. Baron

Book Details

  • Release Date: 07-07-2015
  • Publisher: Brilliance Audio