The Third Gate

  • by Lincoln Child
  • Narrated by Johnathan McClain
  • 9 hrs and 39 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Under the direction of famed explorer Porter Stone, an archaeological team is secretly attempting to locate the tomb of an ancient pharaoh who was unlike any other in history. Stone believes he has found the burial chamber of King Narmer, the near mythical god-king who united upper and lower Egypt in 3200 B.C., and the archaeologist has reason to believe that the greatest prize of all - Narmer's crown - might be buried with him. No crown of an Egyptian king has ever been discovered, and Narmer's is the elusive crown of the two Egypts, supposedly possessed of awesome powers.
The dig itself is located in one of the most forbidding places on Earth - the Sudd, a nearly impassable swamp in northern Sudan. Amid the nightmarish, disorienting tangle of mud and dead vegetation, a series of harrowing and inexplicable occurrences are causing people on the expedition to fear a centuries - old curse. With a monumental discovery in reach, Professor Jeremy Logan is brought onto the project to investigate. What he finds will raise new questions... and alarm.
In the hands of master storyteller Lincoln Child, The Third Gate breaks new ground and introduces a fascinating new protagonist to the thriller world.


What the Critics Say

"Lincoln Child's novels are thrilling and tantalizing." (Vince Flynn)
"Bestseller Child (Terminal Freeze) more than succeeds in making a mummy's curse terrifying in this superb supernatural thriller.... Child evokes fear through understatement...Readers will hope to see more of [lead character] Logan in a sequel." (Publishers Weekly)
"Ample gadgetry, New Age soul-shifting, and pyrotechnics sufficient to employ a stable of stuntmen when brought to film: Child's newest is the sort of thing to delight all those who got wrapped up in The Mummy. Think, a Dan Brown-ian adventure amongst Pharaohs ready with a pocket full of curses." (Kirkus)


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Customer Reviews

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Reliable Entertainment for Child Fans

A talented author in his own right, Lincoln Child is at his best when he is collaborating with Douglas Preston on the Pendergast series. That being said, I enjoy both Preston and Lincoln's independent novels as well.

Most of Child's stand alone stories have a similar flavor and pattern to them. The Third Gate is no exception, and if you are a regular reader you will recognize the general situation the protagonist is put in, and the type of characters he is surrounded by. The fun comes by sitting back, and allowing yourself to be carried along on an enjoyable story.

I hovered between placing the narration rating between a 2 and a 3; it was fine, really, but there were times when it appeared that Mr. McClain didn't know what the next sentence would say; so you end up with situations such as the narrator saying at full volume, ' "It can't be true!" he whispered ' - and then, having finally read the word "whispered", he completed the phrase whispering - ' "how could it happen?"

There were several moments like that, and so it wasn't my favorite reading; but it's not anything that will ruin the story for you.

As mentioned before, the plot line will feel somewhat familiar to those who regularly read Child's work; but that can be a good thing; it means you know what you're getting, and you know you like it. The second half of the book had a fun twist, and all in all I ended feeling entertained. There was one aspect of the book I found baffling, but it was strictly a side note.

I don't anticipate this will be many people's favorite book of all time, but I think fans will generally be satisfied.
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- Amanda "I rate as follows: 5 Stars = Loved it. 4 Stars = Really liked it. 3 Stars = Liked it. 2 Stars = Didn't like it. 1 Star = Hated it."

Would YOU Ignore a Pharaoh???s Curse?

I???m not superstitious, but I actually wondered if I would ignore the AUTHORITY of a dead ruler...a pharaoh at that. This book met my expectations when I picked it. The characters are intelligent and absolutely audacious. The author does an excellent job at capturing the foreboding of a true Egyptian curse???one that expresses itself through an overpowering dark presence and deadly happenings. The key reason this book works is because the author establishes credibility in regards to the unknown. There is real imagination here. You will listen intently when the characters unearth strange artifacts that seem to defy parts of traditional Egyptology. You???ll BELIEVE it. The banter between the lead characters about ancient Egyptian lore tapped into my childhood fascination???exactly like I hoped it would. There is a Jurassic Park-like feel to this story???.smart characters meddling with something forbidden, while caged in by an exotic location.

Finally, the author brings the quasi-science of the paranormal right alongside a classic, old school, Egyptian excavation. But I will warn you, the book starts a bit slow, but stick with it because the author is surrounding you with details and themes. The ending is intense and sweeping in its finality. I definitely enjoyed this read.
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- Doug

Book Details

  • Release Date: 06-12-2012
  • Publisher: Random House Audio