The Single Girl’s To-Do List

  • by Lindsey Kelk
  • Narrated by Cassandra Harwood
  • 9 hrs and 27 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

A hilarious and romantic standalone novel from the bestselling author of the I Heart series. Rachel Summers loves a to-do list:

Great job - NOT on the list: Being dumped.

Best friends Emelie and Matthew ride to her rescue with an entirely new kind of list. The Single Girl’s To-Do List. Rachel doesn’t know it, but it will take her on all kinds of wild adventures - and get her in some romantic pickles too. And then it won't be a case of what but who she decides to tick off…

Mr. bendy yoga instructor
Mr. teenage sweetheart
Mr. persistent ex
Mr. deeply unsuitable

The Single Girl’s To-Do List gives Rachel the perfect heartbreak cure – and proves love is out there if you’re willing to take a chance.


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Customer Reviews

Most Helpful

Not worth the money

What disappointed you about The Single Girl’s To-Do List?

I was upset that the "to do" list was basically all about how to get her next man. Thought this book was going to be empowering and about finding your true self, unattached to a significant other. About finding value in your friends and yourself. Instead it was all about how to nab a new man. Beyond frustrating.

What was most disappointing about Lindsey Kelk’s story?

None of the characters were likable at all. The protagonist was unpredictable and annoyingly hotheaded in the guise of "standing up for herself." Her "best friends" were really just one dimensional flunkies that didn't add anything to the story. And I really can't forgive her for reducing the "gay best friend" to nothing but a man who likes drinking and watching gay porn.

Did the narration match the pace of the story?

I liked the pacing of the narration, but there wasn't a whole lot of variety in the voices so it was tough to follow at times.

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- Bella Rose

Save Your Credit!!!

Any additional comments?

The lead character Rachel is extraordinary unlikable. I really struggled to find any redeeming qualities whatsoever. She seemed ultra selfish, emotionally confused and had a great inability to pick up cues from others. She is crabby, downright rude and it irritates me how everyone is running around at her beck and call constantly trying to soothe her. Why? I really think that she is a one-dimensional character with no depth. Seriously unlikable.

In regards to the story, I have no idea why her two wonderful best friends actually love her so much. She never does anything great for them and the writer does a poor job of showing us why they go out of their way to do anything for her whatsoever. She won't let Emilie date her brother and Emilie spent days on Rachel's couch helping her with her problems. Maybe some back ground to their childhood and their friendship history would have helped to make it more understandable. Her mother and brother are very underdeveloped as well which is really too bad. The mother seems to be very interesting and would be nice to know more about her brother and why he is the kind of guy he is.

Spoiler alert! All of a sudden it's Dan? Where that come from? Feels like the author just tried to tie it up in the last chapter. Completely unbelievable. And why in the world did that character from New York send her a stunning dress? What did Rachel do to inspire that?? Rachel gave her one line from her point of view, which wasn't even advice and that wonderful stylist woman spent all that time helping her. Why? And why would she send her her a gorgeous expensive dress?

I really wanted to like this book and it's the first time I've ever given review and quite honestly I'm surprised I listened to it to the end but I suppose I was hoping for some revelation from Rachel to redeem her.

The reader didn't attempt to change her voice at all for the characters except for her very poor attempt at a Montreal/ Canadian accent. It was painful.

Don't even get me started on the Toronto chapters. Toronto is NOT how the author describes. I know this because I live in Toronto. Trust me, there is not maple syrup in every food dish. As a matter of fact I have lived here for 20 years and I've only had maple syrup on my pancakes! Lol! And as far as being polite goes, there are polite people in Toronto, and rude people in Toronto just like everywhere else. Don't understand why Rachel described smiling nodding greeting faces as she walked down the street. That does not happen. Total fantasy.

Lastly, it was beyond irritating to hear her always refer to to her best friend Matthew as gay constantly. "My gay best friend Matthew....A very big gay man... Of course my friend Matthew is gay... he's gay.... Gay, gay, gay" We get it, he's gay. I mean what best friend does that? I have a really close friend who's gay and it rarely comes up. Completely unbelievable. If I was her "gay best friend" I would have dumped her a long time ago. LoL

I know my review is i pretty harsh but I guess this this book rubbed me the wrong way. it's very, very rare that I don't like the main characters to the books I choose..

You may want to pass on this one.

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- Suzanne

Book Details

  • Release Date: 06-09-2011
  • Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers Limited