The Senator's Secret

  • by K C Wells
  • Narrated by John Solo
  • 6 hrs and 11 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Politics, puppy dogs, and passion, oh my!
When his Republican opponent outs him with a photo in a Facebook post, Senator Samuel Dalton doesn't have many options open to him. It doesn't matter that the photo is totally innocent. He has no choice but to come clean...until his staff suggest putting a spin on it that leaves Sam reeling.
Sure, he'll end up with a lot of sympathy, not to mention the possibility of more voters from the LGBT community, but it still seems a pretty drastic solution.
Now all they have to do is persuade Gary, the other man in the photo, to play along. It sounds so easy: convince the constituents of North Carolina that he and Sam are engaged.
No big deal, except for the fact that they've only just met....


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Customer Reviews

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John Solo’s narration kept me going...

Any additional comments?

I love a good fake boyfriend trope story and this one starts off interestingly enough with a virgin Senator who’s never had a boyfriend, or even one night stand, because he’s been grooming himself for politics since college.

Add an innocent encounter with a staffer sharing good news, and a picture taken secretly and shared with commentary that makes it seem like it was an illicit encounter, and you have the beginning of a potentially humorous and passionate story.

For me though, it went off the rails pretty shortly thereafter when the first suggestion of response to the picture is for them to claim they’re both gay (which no one except the Senator’s chief of staff knew he really is gay) and are engaged to be married.

I mean, I’m sorry – what?

I’ll be honest, the execution of the premise requires the complete suspension of disbelief, which I did at that point, but I never really fully recovered. At that point it was just John Solo’s narration that kept me going. Solo captures the characters well with their individual character voices, and his pacing and tone are on point.

Even though it was sweet, and it is sweet, and was somewhat enjoyable, made more so by John Solo’s narration, it wasn’t great enough to make this saccharine offering in the Dreamspun Desires series hit my sweet spot.

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- Belen

Very cute - and a dog too!

You have to remember that this entire line of books is designed to be like the old Harlequin romances where reality is something the readers is escaping and fairy tale endings are the expected outcome. There is nothing about this that is remotely “believable” and there are many plot holes and just plain silly plot devices, but the story is really sweet, very sappy, and a lot of fun!

I loved the fact that our senator is a 33 year old virgin! Loved it! I loved how sweet and slow and step by slow-burning step Sam (the senator) is introduced to “making love”. From chaste kisses to over the pants petting – our guy isn’t rushed into any part of the physical relationship he shares with Gary.

The story even has two guys who still smoke! That should tell you something right there! (It does take place in North Carolina – tobacco central! – so I guess that’s just a little authenticity.) Sam’s staff is fun, as is his mother. The evil opposition is suitably devious and slimy and the “we fell in love for real” story line is as predictable as it is adorable.

KC Wells is a good writer and I got hooked right from the beginning. I didn’t have high expectations, so I wasn’t disappointed, but I also found myself rolling my eyes quite a bit at some of the plot twists and turns. This was a fun little story that had me remembering those old romances I used to read and smiling fondly. (Plus a super cute dog!)

If you’re in the mood for something ridiculously fun and frivolous, this is the story for you!

4 of 5 stars


John Solo gives each of the many characters a unique voice and is a great choice for this story. His "southern" accent is great and he gives Sam this drawl that really suits him. He also manages to make Gary sound young, but not childish and it really works. This is a great way to enjoy this story.
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Overall 4.5 of 5 stars
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- Morgan A Skye

Book Details

  • Release Date: 09-19-2016
  • Publisher: Dreamspinner Press LLC