The Saturday Evening Girls Club

  • by Jane Healey
  • Narrated by Cassandra Campbell
  • 8 hrs and 15 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

For four young immigrant women living in Boston's North End in the early 1900s, escaping tradition doesn't come easy. But at least they have one another and the Saturday Evening Girls Club, a social pottery-making group offering respite from their hectic home lives - and hope for a better future.
Ambitious Caprice dreams of opening her own hat shop, which clashes with the expectations of her Sicilian-born parents. Brilliant Ada secretly takes college classes despite the disapproval of her Russian Jewish father. Stunning Maria could marry anyone yet guards her heart to avoid the fate of her Italian Catholic mother, broken down by an alcoholic husband. And shy Thea is torn between asserting herself and embracing an antiquated Jewish tradition.
The friends face family clashes and romantic entanglements, career struggles and cultural prejudice. But through their unfailing bond, forged through their weekly gathering, they'll draw strength - and the courage to transform their immigrant stories into the American lives of their dreams.


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Customer Reviews

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Could NOT finish!

I tried I really tried listening and trying to get into "The Saturday Evening Girls Club" but it was NOT a novel from the year 1908! Okay I'm petty, but if an author is using a certain year they better do some research and this author didn't! She didn't research pay scale for a woman in 1908. She didn't research when the 1st car was invented, and last, which bothered me so much..look at this cover..the cover of the book...does it say 1908!!!

It was good in the beginning until I also realized the POV was coming from one of the girls? There are 4 girls and 1 was the POV..this author needs to re write this again..especially when a girls is getting married and says "I heard (with tears in her words) about the marriage night...boohoo...WHERE DOES IT GO? WHERE DOES IT COME OUT?" Obviously trying to ask about sex, but it just didn't read right...

I do not like this book, I couldn't even finish it and I hate when I can't recommend a book audible or not...not worth it.
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- Donna McGuinness

All surface, no depth

1. Part of the problem is the POV: first person past tense. It’s supposed to be the story of 4 girls but without the use of the third person, we are only in Caprice’s head so anything about the other 3 girls is either seen through Caprice’s eyes or dialogue. It’s not enough.

2. It seems somewhat unlikely that 2 Jewish girls and 2 Italian girls in this era would be best friends (the explanation is the Saturday evening club), but I would have gone with it if there were more presented in a deeper way about each culture and the obstacles they would have faced even being friends.

3. Each woman faces a large impediment to getting what she wants in life, but their struggles feel remarkably shallow.

4. The names drove me nuts, either the name itself or the pronunciation—the audio narrator tries to pronounce “Maria” with an Italian accent, but fails--otherwise the narrator was good. And Caprice? Pronounced correctly—(cah-preech-ay), but I’ve never heard this name. I lived in Italy for 8 months. Maybe it’s a Sicilian name (didn’t get to Sicily), but why? Don’t get me started on the Jewish names, either.

5. The writing is fine but I never emotionally connected with any of the characters. There was nothing wrong with them, but none of them were very interesting, and I really didn’t care what happened to any of them.

6. Sense of place and era: Very weak. It could have been anywhere and at one point I found myself thinking, I’ve listened to ¾ of this book…now when and where is this happening?
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- NMwritergal

Book Details

  • Release Date: 04-25-2017
  • Publisher: Brilliance Audio