The Revenant

  • by Michael Punke
  • Narrated by Holter Graham
  • 9 hrs and 12 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary


A thrilling tale of betrayal and revenge set against the nineteenth-century American frontier, the astonishing story of real-life trapper and frontiersman Hugh Glass. The year is 1823, and the trappers of the Rocky Mountain Fur Company live a brutal frontier life. Hugh Glass is among the company's finest men, an experienced frontiersman and an expert tracker. But when a scouting mission puts him face-to-face with a grizzly bear, he is viciously mauled and not expected to survive. Two company men are dispatched to stay behind and tend to Glass before he dies. When the men abandon him instead, Glass is driven to survive by one desire: revenge. With shocking grit and determination, Glass sets out, crawling at first, across hundreds of miles of uncharted American frontier. Based on a true story, The Revenant is a remarkable tale of obsession, the human will stretched to its limits, and the lengths that one man will go to for retribution.


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Editors Select, January 2015 - Like any good book lover, I like to read or listen to a book before I see the film. So when I heard The Revenant was headed to the big screen in 2015 in a film starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy I knew it had to be my pick for January. Written by Michael Punke (now a Deputy, USTR to the World Trade Organization in Geneva), the book is based on the incredible true story of fur trapper Hugh Glass who was mauled by a bear on an expedition, then robbed and abandoned by the two men who promised to stay by his side. Glass survives the gruesome attack and vows revenge on the men who left him for dead. Westerns are not usually my cup of tea, but I was absolutely hooked by this gritty, suspenseful tale of survival. I can't wait for the film! —Sam, Audible Editor


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It Was A Good Death...almost

Reading the account of the bear attack, I couldn't help but think of the almost silly slow motion battle between Tristan (Brad Pitt) and the monstrous grizzly bear (Bart the bear) at the end of Legends of the Fall. Apparently the trained stunt bear, Bart, thought the two were just rough housing and the clip had to be tweaked to make it appear the grizzly was the killer that would give Tristan his "good death."

Working for Capt. Andrew Henry as a member of the Rocky Mountain Fur Co., Hugh Glass is sent out scouting the uncharted hostile territory along the tributaries of the Missouri River. The trapper is startled when a pair of frolicking bear cubs tumbles onto his path, their notoriously protective mother just a few yards behind. Faced with a charging mother grizzly, Glass knows that no matter how many bullets he can fire into the animal with his 1822 model rifle, he is facing certain death -- he draws his knife and braces for the blow of a massive paw.

Glass is mortally wounded; Capt. Henry and the trapping party begin to dig his grave. After days of caring for the dying man, Capt. Henry decides he is losing money and time and leaves two men behind to bury the body; a cold-blooded cutthroat John Fitzgerald, and the young Jim Bridger. Seeing hostile Indians nearby, Fitzgerald forces Bridger to leave with him, taking the dying man's weapons as they leave.

Against all odds, Glass does survive, and swears to kill the two men that left him defenseless, to die. Unable to walk, Glass begins his mission of revenge on hands and knees in what is a mind boggling account of survival and perseverance. Author Punke writes a riveting tale in the style of great westerns, based on the true story of Hugh Glass. The supporting characters are diverse and colorful pieces of the American Frontier. I couldn't put the book down (audible talk for couldn't disengage from my ipod) until I finished the story.

As a narrator, Graham did a good job bringing the characters to life. His depiction of young Bridger tended to be jerky and halted, and therefore a little distracting at times, but not enough to spoil the novel for me. For fans of the American Western, you can't go wrong with this piece of absorbing historical fiction.
*[I noticed a publish date of 2002 and found that this has been reprinted. It is probably no coincidence that the movie version is scheduled for release Dec. of 2015, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy.]
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- Mel

solid entertainment

I don't know why a previous reviewer was bashing the narrator..i thought he did a fine job. Based on that one review I hesitated to purchase this book. I'm glad I got past my initial misgivings. Give this book a listen. In my opinion this is a very solid 4/5 Star book.
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- jude butler

Book Details

  • Release Date: 01-06-2015
  • Publisher: Macmillan Audio