The Girl, the Gold Watch & Everything

  • by John D. MacDonald
  • Narrated by Stephen Hoye
  • 8 hrs and 32 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

A classic novel by John D. MacDonald with an exclusive introduction written and read by Dean Koontz.
Once an ordinary math teacher, Omar Krepps developed a knack for gambling, amassed a fabulous fortune, and spent the rest of his life traveling the world and giving away his millions. Upon his death, however, Krepps bequeaths nothing to his nephew and only living blood relative, Kirby Winter - nothing, that is, except an antique watch and a sealed letter to be opened after one year. But Kirby has much more in his possession than he realizes. The watch has the power to manipulate time. Not only does this revelation shed light on the mystery of his uncle’s life, it puts Kirby on the path to unimaginable wealth and a new lease on love - as well as a whole host of deadly troubles. Even in a universe where time is no issue, Kirby must tread carefully to stay one step ahead of danger.


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Customer Reviews

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NOT Unabridged!

A word of warning to the uninitiated -- this is NOT an unabridged reading of The Girl, The Gold Watch & Everything. The novel begins in epistolary fashion, with a letter written by one Sam Giotti, to his superior, a man named Fred. It is completely omitted from the Audible version. The letter runs a full four pages in my paperback edition,and lays much of the groundwork for what comes ahead, especially in alerting the reader to how the book will end. It's absence in inexplicable.

Otherwise, this is a fine reading, done in a nice, somewhat laconic fashion, by Stephen Hoye, with one major exception: his take on Bonny Lee Beaumont. A "hillbilly" from the South, Bonny Lee speaks with a strong accent, and it reads wonderfully on the printed page but comes across as stilted and mannered when acted by Hoye. He seems to be using a standard "southern" accent for Bonny, and in never really works. I live in the South and I don't know anyone who sounds like this.
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- S. Scott

A Touch of Sci-Fi and Romance

This is one of the two works of Science Fiction written by the author in his long prolific career. It also contains elements of Romance and Fantasy genres. Toby Kwimper awakens to the loss of his Uncle Omar and the knowledge that his inheritance consists of a warehouse full of junk and an Uncle Omar's stopwatch. As he stumbles through the next few days trying to figure out life until he meets the 'Hillbilly Girl' Bonnie Sue Beaumont. Bonnie Sue who has lived the opposite lifestyle from the protected, directed Toby. A teenage runaway she's had to make her own since she was a young teen and isn't about to be bamboozled by this city slicker Yankee. Thus their adventure began.
This book isn't just about a magic watch; it's about finding friends and people you can depend on in tough times. More than fifty years later there is still a message of value in this book.
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- Me & My Girls

Book Details

  • Release Date: 12-09-2014
  • Publisher: Audible Studios