The Gathering Dead

  • by Stephen Knight
  • Narrated by Joseph Morton
  • 8 hrs and 2 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

The horde is always hungry...
The zombie apocalypse has begun, and Major Cordell McDaniels is given the most important mission of his career: Lead a Special Forces team into New York City to rescue the one man who can stop the ghastly virus that reanimates the dead.
But as a growing army of flesh-eating corpses takes over the streets and a violent storm renders airborne extraction impossible, McDaniels struggles to find a way out of the Big Apple. The odds of anyone getting out alive plummet further when slaughtered members of his own Special Forces team join the ranks of the gathering dead... with their military skills intact!


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Customer Reviews

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what day by day armageddon 3 should've been

What was one of the most memorable moments of The Gathering Dead?

without giving too many spoilers, the staircase scene. definitely one of the scariest and creepiest in all zombie genre. really!

If you were to make a film of this book, what would the tag line be?

escape from new york, but that's already taken.i would say, "the insatiable horde," but that may sound too risque! lol

Any additional comments?

the horde is always hungry...that's doggone right! this is by far the best zombie horde book i've listened to so far. stephen knight frighteningly captures the sheer power of a zombie horde- its insatiable hunger, its relentless pursuit, its destructive carnage, and its fear inducing power.

the story opens with major cord mcdaniels leading a convoy of hummers up west 58th street towards central park. he and his team of special forces have been tasked with getting dr. sapphire to central park, where blackhawk helicopters are waiting to whisk him away.

i really dug the new york city angle. it offers a rare perspective- a zombie apocylapse unfolding in one of america's largest cities. most of the z-stories i've listened to lately have been based in small towns so i found this aspect refreshing.

this is a military style z-story told in the 3rd person. it reminded me of day by day armageddon series, and what i had hoped shattered hourglass would be. this story is an action-packed thrill ride. the author does a good job of pacing the story. the lulls in action allow for some character development. while there isn't a lot of backstory, which is understandable for this type of story, you do get a sense of each of the characters. i was impressed by professionalism displayed by the special forces soldiers amidst a zombie apocylapse. that seemed to add a layer of credibility to the story.

the narration is pretty good. it took a few minutes to get used to the gruffness of the narrator, but i was soon swept into the story. the narrator's voices and tones match the special forces soldiers he portrays.

overall, i really liked the story, especially b/c it's different than a lot of the other z-stories i've listened to lately. definitely worth your time and credit.

as a side note, there is a really cool gun in this story- an AA 12. it's a fully automatic shotgun. i've never heard of it before so i googled it. wow! great youtube video by a funny and crazy russian guy.

side note 2: to all the men and women who are are serving or have served...thanks for your service! yes, i'm one of those guys who'll approach anyone in a uniform and thank them for protecting my a$$ while i listen to z-books. lol

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- Mike Naka "Avid Zombie fan who's starting to listen to more and more Fantasy and Sci-Fi stories. So, my description is apt to change. Dog lover who's known to have cats. LOL C# coder, part-time prepper, B movie fan, AMC watcher, recovering but successful day trader, perpetual student, overjoyed uncle, former adrenaline junkie with a flare for cooking, and lots more. LOL"

Action packed - but not in a good way

Surprised some listeners objected to the narrator. He did a great job - always does. A lot of the stories he has narrated feature strong characters and relationships and he does a great job with that.. Unfotunately very little of that is present in this book.

I love zombie stories. No, wait, I love well done stories that happen to feature zombies. The problem with this is that it is SO action packed. It may sound strange that this is a complaint, but it is like films that are overloaded with car chases or explosions or special effects. You have to have character development, plot, dialogue, a theme, a motivation for characters, interpersonal interaction, relationships, mood, etc... SO many other factors that make a good story. Get those right, and action can be really compelling. But without those, action is like a pretty package with nothing inside of it. And it is boring. An hour into this story and the action is still being described but no sense of a who the characters are - who even is the main character, who should we care about, what caused this, what is the plot? What is the purpose.. Just endless action scenes of soldiers fighting zombies and various logistics of the fighting... It really doesn't work. It really was tedious - it was the opposite of what action scenes are meant to do.. It didn't give a sense of excitement or drama or tension. With nothing to creat a story it was really, really hard to pay attention to the endless action and logistics of the fight. Too bad as the writer seems capable and the prose is good...Yet, just on and on the action goes... I almost gave up.
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- Grace C.

Book Details

  • Release Date: 07-30-2013
  • Publisher: Ronin LLC