The First Bird, Episode 2 : Matt Kearns

  • by Greig Beck
  • Narrated by Sean Mangan
  • Series: Matt Kearns
  • 5 hrs and 14 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

The South American Boreal: one of the last truly unexplored jungles on our planet. In its dark heart is an ancient crater basin, sealed in by a living cage, making it a time capsule for an ancient, deadly ecosystem.
Matt Kearns, Carla Nero, and a team of scientist explorers have found their way in. In the crater's sunken interior are creatures from a primordial nightmare. Dangers lurk in every treetop, under every rock or loom monstrously over them. It is a place where mankind is out of time.
Matt and Carla must find out how the terrifying parasite wreaking havoc in the United States can be controlled while staying ahead of things that defy belief and shake their understanding of evolution on our planet.
Trapped, with time running out, the team of explorers will find themselves a part of a food chain...and nowhere near the top.


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Customer Reviews

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A Horse The Size Of A Cat

Episode 1, exploded into our minds. Episode 2 drizzled in one ear and out the next. I have often been disappointed by the second book in a series, but I will have to say the difference between these two episodes was epic. The narrator was so boring I had to check to see if it was the same narrator as episode 1, since I remembered him as being great. In episode two the narration is boring and everybody sounds the same. I guess it was the inability of the writer to paint a picture with his words. In the beginning there was an interesting suspenseful scene involving a cat sized horse and a dinner plate size spider, but after that I was day dreaming.

At a little over five and a half hours long, I thought surly I can make it to the end. Instead, I found myself driving down the road totally forgetting I had a book on. I would catch myself day dreaming and try to get back into the book, but I just could not. About two and a half hours in, I changed to another book and had no problem staying in the new book.

I will not continue this series.
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- Jim "The Impatient"

Jurassic Park, minus the tension...

I liked the first one enough that I bought this one, even though I was a bit annoyed at the way the first one ended (it was stopped mid-scene, with no form of resolution for the story, as if book one and book two were one book chopped in half).

This one does manage to resolve its own story (i.e. the story that this book is about is ended), but the overarching storyline started in book one is carried on to book three. I am okay with this because I expect there to be some loose ends in the middle book of a series and the resolution of this book's story was satisfactory (I don't mean, in any sense, that this is a good story, it is just a resolved one).

And that brings me to the story itself. This is Jurassic Park. Almost exactly - 'cept without the excitement or good writing.

The characters are not fully rational (sometimes they act in ways that no normal person would in the same circumstances), and they are not consistent in how they behave (they behave one way at the start of the story but at the end they act in ways completely contrary to how they began).

As an action adventure it was barely okay... too reminscent of other jungle adventure gone awry stories, wishy-washy characterization, and no suspense or significant development of the main story line of the trilogy.

I had already bought the 3rd book in the series (and you kinda have to if you want to know what happened with the parasite), but if I had known how the story was going to progress (or not as in this case), I would not have started this series in the first place. The narration is good, but... the story is so lame that even good narration couldn't infuse any excitement.
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- crazybatcow

Book Details

  • Release Date: 10-07-2013
  • Publisher: Bolinda Publishing Pty Ltd