The Dark Musings Collection

  • by Josh Hilden
  • Narrated by Michelle Marie
  • 5 hrs and 34 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

The Dark Musings Collection contains six stories of horror and suspense.
One Way Ticket - Flight or Fight?
When Emily Paulson was first confronted with that ancient imperative she chooses fight. She lost and was subjected to cruelty that nearly fractured her soul. Now an adult and a successful reporter with a wreck of a personal life, she is returning to her childhood home accompanied by the demons from the past. On her journey along the rails between the cities of Atlanta and Detroit she will meet a young mother and her innocent child fleeing in fear from a monster that darkly mirrors the demons of Emily's own past. In the end she will be forced once more to decide between fight or flight.
Short Run

The world of the professional truck driver can be a lonely one. For Roy Harper, a man for whom loneliness coupled with emotional baggage and a series of life failures, it all may be too much to handle. It all comes to a head when he is tormented by a younger driver who is the quintessential "bully" on the road.
The Residue - Revised & Expanded Edition

Mindy Jellico never believed in the supernatural. But on a dark and stormy night, she will be confronted with an ancient horror that will change her life forever. Or end it.
Best Friends

Jimmy and Tiffany have been best friends since before they were out of diapers. One night, Tiffany calls Jimmy begging for her best friend's help.
Family Business

Sixteen-year-old Jennifer knows she is a psychopath and burgeoning serial killer and she's cool with that. Life is going good until her mother marries a man named George. At first, she assumes George is just another one of the sheep who share her world. Then one day she catches a glimpse of another side of her stepfather.
My Dance with an Angel

Seth is a shy freshman at the local University with a troubled family life. One night at a Halloween party he meets Sarah and his universe changes forever.

In an unnamed Ivy League University, a group of poor, overweight scholarship students are enslaved and tortured by the Coterie, the children of the Ultra Elite. When things go too far, the children of privilege are taught a lesson they will never forget if they survive.


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Book Details

  • Release Date: 06-06-2016
  • Publisher: Gorillas With Scissors Press