The Camera: Bloodthirst

  • by Eric A. Shelman
  • Narrated by Eric A. Shelman
  • 6 hrs and 39 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Some say that true evil never dies, it merely lies dormant, awaiting the next opportunity to rise from its dark lair and visit itself upon humankind again.
Jack Hunger, a cop in Lee County, Florida, never gave it much thought. He purchased the 20-year-old Pentax K1000 camera at a perfectly respectable thrift store, and it was to be the beginning of a new hobby for the reclusive crime scene photographer.
The dismembered body of rookie cop Justin Sims and the bullet-riddled corpse of Russian Mafia killer Sergei Veselov are Jack Hunger's first subjects. The job seems to be just another brutal day at the office, until he develops the photographs taken with his new camera in his home darkroom.
As the images of the two corpses appear on the photographic paper, something dark awakens, setting into motion a terrifying chain of events that threatens to shatter the sanity of Jack Hunger and his friend, Sheriff Wayne Olsen.
Together, the two men are plunged into an intense race against time, forced to push their own fears and all logic aside. They must stop the darkness in its tracks before it escapes into the shadowy streets of an unsuspecting world.


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Customer Reviews

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very stressful to listen to

I was first exposed to Eric A. Shelman as a writer with the first Dead Hunger that I reviewed a couple years ago. This was an audiobook that I did not really care for, even though it was in my preferred genre. So of course I had some hesitation before I began listening to The Camera.

However, I always try to go into a new book with an open mind and as few expectations as possible. I am so glad that I was able to do that and that Shelman was willing to give me another chance to connect with his writing. Because this audiobook is pretty creepy and different. Starts off with a serial killer, for lack of a better term, abducting a woman in the dark morning hours and an amateur photographer. Other than being very stressful to listen to there was nothing that seemed special about this particular camera. It turns out that if the camera photographs a recently dead person, that person will come back to life. Not necessarily as a zombie, but a monster that has an insatiable hunger for flesh and calling to find their killer. That is all I am going to say about that.

Shelman was able to pull me in to his world were the dead walk the earth again. Full of all the violence, blood, gore, humor and disturbing scenes that make a good horror story. Because of this unique story line I am now looking forward to listening to more by Shelman.

These days I am very very weary of listening to an audiobook narrated by the author. Unless you are Neil Gaiman or a professional voice actor I would generally say don’t do it. I am very happy to report that Eric A. Shelman did a very good job with the narration of The Camera. He obviously understands what audiobook listeners are looking for, especially with a horror story. Good characterizations, he went all out while speaking as one of the “monsters”. While he could use some additional polish to make his performances really great. The main negative that I heard, now I could be mistaken. But it sounded like during some of the pauses Shelman was taking a drink off water or something. Because he would pause and when he started speaking again it sounded like there was still something in his though and the tone of his voice changed slightly.

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Patient Zero on a new level.

Okay, so I have delved into the world created by Eric A. Shelman for the first time and now will be trekking deeper.

This little tale is a fun twist on the "zombie" genre. It gives you an actual genesis and patient zero. ES is not afraid to shock the reader, so go into this wearing a cup because he kicks low and will have you cursing him for daring to do so (in a good way).

No spoilers, but this will make you leery of classic cameras. In a short time, there are decently developed characters and a story line that pulls you along begging for you to finish this in one sitting.

My only criticism is that there did seem to be a chapter that repeated itself back to back early on. AT first I was thinking there would be some different take on an earlier scene, but then I realized that it was the same chapter piggy-backed. complaints. A wonderful ride.
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- TW Brown, Author, Editor, and Reviewer "Todd W. Brown"

Book Details

  • Release Date: 06-19-2015
  • Publisher: Dolphin Moon Publishing